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eWizard Remote Detailing: What You Need to Know

Covid-19 Managing Risks for Organizations

Since COVID-19 has become a pandemic, the pharma industry no longer exists in its traditional sense. The coronavirus forced pharmaceutical companies to minimize health risks and use remote detailing as an alternative to face-to-face meetings with healthcare professionals (HCPs). 

With new types of the coronavirus emerging, remote detailing doesn’t lose its relevance and remains one of the primary marketing channels. When technology prevails and HCP engagement requires a personal approach, it’s essential for pharma businesses and their sales representatives to understand how to leverage remote detailing. 

In this article, we’ll analyze the advantages of remote detailing and share how your organization can use this channel efficiently and save resources with the help of the eWizard remote eDetailing solution.

Why Pharma Use Remote Detailing for HCP Engagement

Remote detailing is a type of digital marketing that allows sales representatives to simplify the engagement of HCPs and enhance their experiences with pharma brands during remote visits using an eDetailing platform. 

Here are a few main benefits of eDetailing platforms: 

Personalized Content & Customization

Remote detailers are digital presentations that have everything to create an exceptional experience for each HCP based on their preferences and needs:

  • Straightforward Navigation. A simple menu within an eDetailer helps HCPs find all the necessary information about pharma products smoothly and fast. 
  • Attractive Design. Each slide within a remote detailer is fully customizable. Pharma brands can use different layouts, add media, and enable animation. 

Increased Reach for Fewer Resources 

With eDetailing, pharma companies spend less to access larger audiences. eDetailers are cost-effective because they eliminate the need for traveling and personal interactions with HCPs. Also, eDetailers help sales representatives engage with HCPs who work in distant and hard-to-reach locations. 

Remote Access

Remote visits and eDetailers provide HCPs the complete freedom to learn promotional materials without getting distracted from their responsibilities. HCPs can access an eDetailer anytime and via any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Detailed Analytics & Reporting 

Remote detailing includes real-time tracking software that shows each interaction between HCPs and eDetailers. Analytics helps pharma brands see the results of their campaigns, identify oversights, and enhance eDetailing content in the future.

eWizard Remote Detailing: How to Leverage HCP Engagement

eWizard remote detailing is an all-in-one solution that provides the latest functionality to match the needs of an organization with any goals and a level of digital maturity. The solution includes advanced features and tools to build long-standing and trustful relationships with HCPs at reduced cost.

Omnichannel Communication

eWizard remote edetailing – omnichannel communication

Combine eDetailing with other marketing channels to attract your target audience with relevant content. Create personalized customer journeys for different segments of HCPs to send engaging messages at the right moment within omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Pre-Built eDetailing Templates

eWizard remote eDetailing – pre-built eDetailer templates

Use a rich collection of remote detailing templates with ready-made layouts, attractive designs, and a complete set of interactive features to increase time to market and save budget and energy on the large-scale production of eDetailers.

Integration with Popular CRM Systems

eWizard remote eDetailing – KPI tracking

Integrate eWizard with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to track the key performance indicators (KPIs) crucial for your remote detailing campaigns. Collect all data analytics in your CRM to measure the effectiveness of your eDetailing content and understand how HCPs are satisfied with it.

Automated Translation & Simple Localization

eWizard remote eDetailing – auto-translation

Produce more eDetailing content for multiple markets at a faster pace. Use the AI-powered engine to translate remote detailing content automatically and in seconds. Localize your eDetailers by manually downloading localization files, translating content from one language into another, and uploading the files back to the platform in several clicks.

Mutual Collaboration

eWizard remore eDetailing – mutual collaboration

Streamline remote detailing production and management by involving multiple stakeholders from different teams, departments, organizations, and locations. Create groups, set roles, and grant permissions for users depending on their responsibilities. Work together and share feedback in a single environment to achieve better results efficiently.

24/7 Professional Support

eWizard remote eDetailing – professional support

Feel free to contact eWizard experts at any convenient moment via live chat to get professional assistance on any issue related to your eDetailers or remote detailing solution. In addition to professional support, you can also find answers in eWizard knowledge base.

Get a Free Demo of eWizard for Remote Detailing and Beyond

Powered by Viseven, eWizard is a content experience platform used by global pharmaceutical brands, midsize pharma businesses, and small pharma agencies to leverage content marketing and provide personalized customer experiences based on advanced data analysis. 

eWizard helps different specialists involved in pharma and biotech collaborate within a single ecosystem to plan, brief, create, localize, distribute, and analyze content for remote detailing and other channels within global and local campaigns. 

With our content experience platform, your organization will: 

  • standardize processes and enhance content quality 
  • save up to 50% on content operations 
  • accelerate the medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) approval and reduce time to market 
  • increase customer satisfaction 

Need help with remote detailing- in pharma? Let’s connect to discuss a custom solution for your business! Don’t hesitate to contact us now. Our specialist will get back to you shortly with all the information you need.

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