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eWizard Remote eDetailing: How to Minimize Health and Business Risks for Pharma Amid of COVID-19?

Covid-19 Managing Risks for Organizations

Since the COVID-19 has reached a pandemic, the Pharma business no longer exists in its traditional sense. For these very reasons, pharma companies are looking for alternative ways to stay in touch with the HCPs and minimize health risks for both med reps and doctors. That’s why the industry is now considering remote visits as a very serious alternative communication channel. Remote calls are gaining in popularity as Pharma and Life Sciences adapt to the situation associated with the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus. Let’s talk about how to build long-distance customer relationships during a worldwide pandemic with the help of an effective, fast, and cost-efficient solution – eWizard Remote Detailing.

Why Pharma Chooses Remote Detailing to Engage with Physicians?

Remote Detailing is a digital solution that empowers pharma to go beyond the habitual several-minute rep visits, allowing for remote interactions via a secure, flexible web-based platform. This solution is already proven to be cost-efficient and surprisingly well-liked by physicians. Besides, Remote Detailing has a number of positive features that are vital for Pharma in such kind of out-of-line situations. There are no geographical or any other barriers between you and the HCP. You will be able to provide HCPs with professional materials to fulfill their needs, and increase the frequency of visits and their duration​. This is a very flexible tool that will allow Pharma to organize meetings online, with one or a group of HCPs, and bring value regardless of the situation now.

eWizard Remote Detailing

eWizard Remote Detailing is a comprehensive solution that allows for a smooth transition from traditional marketing tools. Organize the meeting online and capture the feedback from any device. Along with the content that surrounds it, a remote detailing platform involves not only the remote call channel but also other channels like email. Physicians can interact with reps via stable VoIP and presentation interface from both desktop and mobile devices, at the time and place of their choosing. As a result, you can arrange a meeting with any doctor who has a computer/smartphone at any convenient time.
The platform incorporates a set of powerful functionalities for displaying interactive content and can be effortlessly plugged into any CRM system, its presence grants perfect convenience for the HCPs – no software installation is required. Moreover, at the end of the visit, med rep’s personal KPIs are collected and stored in your CRM system.
Powered by eWizard platform, this is the only currently existing solution that allows both creating presentations for remote calls and running remote meetings with full integration with CRM. Moreover, our platform is also supplemented with a fast lane communication channel. 24/7 LiveChat Support is implemented through all eWizard Remote Detailing pages to improve user experience drastically, especially when it comes to simplifying users’ onboarding. The practical use of eWizard Remote Detailing platform over the past 2 years has provided real-world data available in a case study. In the light of the challenges that the whole world has faced these days, Pharma has to take care of a massive HCPs engagement here and now!

You Can Achieve This Much by Launching Remote Now

  • ensure brand awareness during the limitation on face-to-face visits with doctors
  • increase frequency of interactions with HCPs
  • raise engagement and achieve 4x costs reduction for field force
  • combine different channels (such as emails, eDetailers, landing pages) and activities easily within one interface and one customer journey
  • get comprehensive reports and analytics to customize your strategy

In these complicated times, everyone should take good care of their own safety and go to alternative means of communication with HCPs here and now. Therefore, we decided to provide free access to eWizard Remote Detailing platform for Pharma and Life Science (for all eWizard users, including new users). Manage and localize content and conduct remote meetings at any convenient time. To unveil how med reps can engage HCPs easily from the office or home, request more details. Remote Calls have never been easier!

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