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Viseven certified for IQVIA’s Orchestrated Customer Engagement platform

TALLINN, Estonia, November 16th, 2018 – Viseven has been certified to have obtained a necessary level of expertise to navigate IQVIA’s revolutionary Orchestrated Customer Engagement Platform as well as to create platform-compliant content.

Ever since its launch in March 2018, IQVIA’s Orchestrated Customer Engagement solution (OCE) has been already adopted by more than a dozen of leading pharma and healthcare companies. Merck, Pierre Fabre, Roche are among those, who already agreed to streamline digital experiences for both themselves and their customers. Viseven is thrilled to be among the first agencies to join the right side of innovation by having been certified for this cause.

Integrating data capabilities is the business logic we, as a company of 10 years of experience working with Life Sciences, can closely relate to. That is why being a part of the IQVIA’s OCE partnership program is an extensive lesson on innovation in Life Sciences we were more than happy to learn.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO, Viseven

A quick recap of the “platform of platforms” – OCE is one of the most innovative cloud-based customer relationship management solutions currently available. Its mission is to break the internal silos of pharma companies by seamlessly connecting IT, sales, marketing, operations and other departments through accurate data sharing and reporting. This integration is generating 360-degree customer insights, laying the groundwork for meaningful engagement and interactions, and empowering for making informed commercial decisions. A fusion of multichannel marketing, sales force efficiency and closed-loop marketing enables different stakeholders to see and contribute to creating a unified experience across multiple channels.

Okay, enough of the big talk. The Suite’s business concept is backed by powerful technology – such ”unheard-of” tech as, Mulesoft, Amazon Web Services, Heroku and Box. On the other hand, there are IQVIA’s very own, Lexi, Ada and Appolo apps to finish up the solution with an interconnected narrative. Lexi reduces the disparities between the platform and non-OCE datasets and systems. It is the engine connecting all applications and data, giving each employee a unique, but actionable view of the customer. In its turn, Ada, the AI-based solution, provides those employees with immediate recommendations for next-best actions, customized for every role and subsequent impact. Ada is the way to swim in a pool of data, get the best out of it thus making it actionable. The cherry on top – Appolo, an intuitive, elegant and human-centered UI to offer a multiangular view on customers’ needs to multiple personas, be it a product manager, sales and marketing representative or an executive.

With such a solid technical groundwork, the content compliance requirements for OCE must be very demanding. Yes, they are. That’s why Viseven has been trained and certified specifically to adhere to those technical guidelines to be able to develop and deploy assets on IQVIA’s platforms. By completing an onboarding process on OCE Sales, Viseven has gained an even deeper understanding of how innovative data management like OCE is helping pharma companies at the forefront of innovation to build a truly end-to-end solution. With the help of our content production accelerator eWizard, as well as skills mastered and expertise gained during the Agency Enablement Program, Viseven is now equipped to create any kind of content that would accommodate to the extensive OCE network.

Do not hesitate to drop us a line if you are interested in any of the OCE-compliant content creation capabilities mentioned above.

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