How closed loop marketing can improve pharma communication with customers?

When you go to the supermarket, you usually look for the best and freshest products, don’t you? It is just the same thing with information: you want to get only the most recent and relevant news. No one likes to read about outdated stuff. Besides that, we all enjoy visually supported stories – as a rule, we keep such kind of information in our memory longer than plain text. Thus, the golden rule for any marketing strategy is to provide customers with engaging relevant info, one that matches their current preferences and demands.

Recently, renewed attention is being paid to closed loop marketing. The reason is that CLM helps to hear what our customers want and have a number of business incomes. Still, a number of questions remain open: what is closed loop marketing? How does it actually work? What benefits can I drive from it? Does it really improve business strategy? Can it help to increase sales and marketing teams’ efficiency? We’ll try to answer all of them in this article, relying on more than 6 years expertise of watching it in action.

Firstly, CLM marketing is the way you can build a two-way communication with the target audience. The scheme is quite simple: you plan activities, engage customers into a dialogue, get real-time feedback and analyze it. The loop closes on the last stage: after seeing what your customers need, you can immediately modify the strategy and update all the marketing materials according to customer preferences. Thus, you can keep the information presented to your target audience always up-to-date.

Secondly, in pharma, CLM helps to reach integrated sales and marketing and focus on the customer. By aligning all the efforts of your teams with customer needs, you get a well-tuned strategy implementation. These digital solutions even grant an opportunity to plan and implement several marketing cycles for different products at once. While your representatives in fields communicate with customers, they are collecting feedback on the background. After the synchronization with the CRM system, your marketing department gets a clear picture of the market situation. On processing the information received, your teams can see the weak points in the marketing strategy, likewise the successful ideas, and easily adapt the marketing materials to the burning customer needs. Thanks to that, each key-message allows to hit the target – not the least piece of it is irrelevant or non-informative.

Thirdly, CLM empowers to activate multichannel marketing. According to recent research, nearly 50% of physicians prefer to get information remotely, through eDetailing. On the one hand, that does not minimize the importance of med representatives, as there are still the 50% who prefer traditional face-to-face communication. On the other hand, if so many doctors want the information about medical products online, why not give them such an opportunity? Here comes the solution – multichannel marketing software. What is that? Essentially, a collection of tools that help to distribute key-messages in various forms and formats, like a mobile application, a survey, website, posts in social media or a mass-mailing campaign. Having activated multichannel marketing, you can be sure to meet your customers on their preferred channel of communication, the one they are used to.

In combination with the right CRM system and content creation and management system, CLM becomes a powerful tool for being wherever your customers are. Clear segmentation and categorization of the databases in CRM empowers targeting the right customer at the right time, on any screen. With CLM and CRM on the background, every single piece of information you share looks and sounds just the way your customers want to hear and see it. Isn’t that great?

If you are looking for a solution that really works, one that helps to reach your target audience with the maximum efficiency, one that optimizes your sales and marketing teams’ productivity – feel free to contact us right away.