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Self-detailing is the Augmented Reality of Approved Email

medical representative detailing

We’re all getting a bit tired of the words ‘remote communication’, aren’t we? However, in many places it is too early to say that the restrictions on in-person visits for HCP and medical representatives might be lifted shortly. Moreover, remote communication practices have shown their usefulness not only as a reaction to the coronavirus, but also independently of it. That’s why we observe the struggle of powers for the most diverse remote engagement techniques between pharma enterprises. This struggle has prompted marketers to turn their attention to a wide variety of remote communication tools, including those that were previously ignored. In much the same way, a growing number of experts have turned their attention to self-detailing and continue to explore its power in HCP engagement.

Now let’s focus on the distinctive feature of self-detailing as a versatile omnichannel tool that augments the reality of Approved Email and complements other communication channels and devices for maximum engagement.

Think of the evolution of eDetailing

Considering that eDetailing became an integral part of digital pharma marketing nearly 20 years ago, it’s time to pause and reflect on how it turned into one of the major channels for HCP engagement. The reason behind this is the convenience and ability to present your product from various angles. Besides, it is its versatility that has large importance, as the tool to provide HCP engagement here and now, when the doctor is ready.

Continuous development of interactive technologies like 3D animation and gamification elements that are now available in eDetailing are making the content even more interactive for the HCP.

How this all started and where everything goes  

The whole eDetailing thing started as the meetings that were tied to the doctor’s schedule. However, timid voices soon began to emerge, calling for the opportunity for doctors to watch content on their terms. With the advanced development of technologies, various derivations of eDetailing have appeared. Due to many obstacles to timely and structured communication between the doctor and med rep, self-detailing has not lost its relevance; however, it receded into the shadows for a long time.

Now, however, this long-neglected long-neglected “relic of the past’’ got a renaissance when remote communications became a priority.

The remote mode of HCP engagement has made pharma brand managers appreciate the flexibility, convenience, and unimpeded communication this solution provides. Moreover, attention was drawn to its ability to work in conjunction with other channels of communication, which got new appreciation in the era of omnichannel engagement.

This is how the story looped and self-detailing regained its former popularity in our troubled days when pharma marketing needs more mature strategies to engage HCPs.

Preferable marketing channels to engage HCPs, based on research

The turmoil began when the coronavirus pandemic banned face-to-face visits with HCPs. Pharmaceutical brands maintain a dialogue with their target audience through all means of communication. Although, now, in an effort to retain their target audience, numerous pharmas rushed to invest their efforts in remote communication channels. One of the most important insights is that HCPs show readiness to receive this information online (79%). Moreover, they signal that they want to receive this information through a mix of channels. For example, 43% of HCPs prefer to engage with reps through email versus remote engagement (12%).
This way, everyone turned to omnichannel for a reason. It has already been proven that marketers using three or more channels in their campaigns earn 90% higher customer retention than those using single-channel campaigns. Here are the top channels for HCPs engagement:

Going back to remote communications, it is worth saying that even the greatest of channels may become oversaturated eventually. This is what many marketers are seriously wary of today. When COVID broke out, pharmaceutical companies started bombarding doctors with thousands of emails and other messages from all quarters. Hence the fear of “digital oversaturation” began. HCP pharma emails may simply become alike… How to stop killing the email channel and stay on top?

The answer is to diversify your email practices and add:

  • Personalization with dynamic content
  • Flexibility and quick production with modular approach
  • Use of extra capacities such as email fragments in Veeva Approved Email

What is Self-Detailing?

Earlier in our blog, we talked about what self-detailing is and why it remained in shadow for a long time. During self-detailing HCP looks through all the materials independently. The ability to provide HCPs with valuable information respecting their schedule is one of the greatest features of this communication channel. Besides, the average duration of engagement increases to 25 minutes. This guarantees that the HCP will have time to carefully read all information. Let’s look at the process of self-detailing:

  1. The agency creates assets Detailing slides and Approved Email
  2. Then the content is uploaded in Veeva Vault (or other DAM system)
  3. Content gets approval in Veeva Vault (or other DAM system)
  4. Detailing slides published to eWizard content authoring solution
  5. Content published to the CRM
  6. Representative sends Approved Email to HCP
  7. HCP clicks the link and views the Detailing slides
  8. Detailing Session KPIs are synchronized back to the CRM

Self-detailing cannot be a substitute for all channels, but it indeed can become a great addition. The rep can share the information on products that were not detailed on remote call for any reason (poor internet connection, lack of time, etc) after both face-to- face or remote calls. Alternatively, self-detailing can be used as the follow-up to share additional information with HCP after a webinar or a regular F2F eDetailing session.

As 65% of younger-generation HCPs considered digital natives prefer a mix of face-to-face and digital channels, high target face-to-face calls frequency can be mixed with Self Detailing.

Sometimes marketers want to present more than one product during a meeting, which is difficult or even impossible due to the doctor’s lack of time, but more precisely because it is simply too much. Then, it is highly recommended to use self-detailing as the complementary tool to give profound information about each product. 3d or 4th product can be shared via Self Detailing.

This way, we come to understand that one of the greatest features of self-detailing is the ability to complement any communication channel and any device. In other words, the possibility to act as a complementary tool for the pharma multichannel and omnichannel approaches. This channel can a part of face-to-face, remote engagement, used in conjunction with email, webinar, or mobile and receive maximum engagement. Doesn’t it sound like a great promise in the future of omnichannel-oriented HCPs?

Self-detailing + Approved Emails

The key to self-detailing is email. The representative sends the HCPs an Approved Email with a link to view a presentation by themselves. Session KPIs, questionnaire answers, feedback are collected automatically and synchronized back to the CRM system. Thus, self-detailing is capable to supplement and diversify your email practices.

However, it’s anyone’s guess what happens to email when we send it to the HCP. Whether it was even opened, read, or immediately deleted? Slightly above, we found out that interactivity and a high level of personalization are the factors that will allow your emails to stand out. It is important, because according to statistics, 66% of HCPs want to be able to receive email from the med rep. If you’re a doctor and you receive an email with a self-detailing presentation inside, it is your chance to dive deep into fascinating interactive content. Something different from the usual eDetailing, as a full-screen interactive presentation with the voiceover/script with pronounced messages, subtitles, clear navigation, and self-guided flow.

Once physicians review the materials, they can fairly evaluate the content. This feature is called to reveal HCPs’ “unfiltered” opinion on presentation.

Besides, the combination of Approved Email and Self-Detailing allows you to cover doctors in remote areas where they usually cannot be reached. Thus, you can expand the coverage of HCPs in any location, at the peak of remote communication boom and in the future.

The final thought

In the era of hybrid communication, it is difficult to choose the right channel to engage HCPs. The gradual changes in quarantine measures continue to undermine the ever more precarious position of the marketers. For this reason, they are in search of reliable solutions that will provide stability in relationships with HCPs. The self-detailing module carefully designed and improved by Viseven enables unprecedented HCPs coverage and considerable savings. Add self-detailing in your campaign to get the most honest metrics and gain a better understanding of HCPs’ true behavior and interests during the pandemic, and further. Contact us to get a demo and reach out to HCP through the ideally personalized communication channel.

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