Simple and convenient creation of multichannel modular content

adapt Global Master Templates for local markets (edit, localize, rearrange)

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eWizard is the perfect solution for Content Production aligned with the main content development principles in Pharma

  • Ensure cost efficiency and multiple channels coverage with modular approach to content reuse;

  • Connect global and local offices and agencies;
  • Access and reuse global ready presentations;

  • Simplify localization and adaptation process;
  • Grant direct access to approved media assets in Veeva PromoMats;
  • Review and comment content in interactive mode with two-way notifications;

  • Use automatic publishing directly to Veeva Vault for final validation by Medical and Legal departments;

  • Create cross-platform content for Veeva Suite, IQVIA, Salesforce and AEM

Estimate your content strategy – get eWizard Pulse today!

eWizard Pulse is the application, directly connected with eWizard online platform and analytical engine in place.
Create and share your interactive content with customer-facing teams and measure efficiency.
No CRM system is required to start.

In order to install eWizard Pulse, please allow “Trust QAPInt apps on your devices”


  • A multichannel content authoring solution that facilitates production and delivery:
    common access to interactive materials, accelerated review process and rapid changes with a Digital Manager to drive innovation

  • Veeva Multichannel Suite integration:
    eWizard is plugged into Veeva products without extra support required: PromoMats, Approved Email, CLM, CoBrowse, MyInsights Dashboards

  • 100% content reuse and one-click localization:
    reduce content production costs and speed up time to market
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