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Perfect Partnership: How Viseven helps Digital Agencies match pharma’s needs

The beginning of the new decade is marked by rapid change and digital transformations in the pharmaceutical industry. At Viseven, we believe that cutting-edge technologies in this area will lead to better outcomes for patients in the future. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to keep pace with digital technologies and put forward their own groundbreaking solutions. In 2020, Pharma will focus on developing alternative digital solutions that would elevate patient care. Naturally, pharmaceutical companies will have a growing number of requests for Creative Agencies to deliver the information about treatment to patients. With the demand rising, digital agencies cannot do everything by themselves anymore. Sometimes partnership with another pharma digital agency is an option that has several benefits for both. Let’s talk about how concerted partnership between digital agencies is helping to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

Services Pharma Will Request from Digital Agencies

1. Patient centricity

In 2020, pharmaceutical companies are more than ever focused on getting feedback from HCPs to have a thorough understanding of patients’ needs. To make a patient-centric approach work, pharmaceutical companies will try to coordinate across their cross-functional teams and apply all their digital talents.

2. Building of the Customer Journey

It will be increasingly important in 2020 to map patient customer journeys and identify pain points to improve.  The map can show the weaknesses of each marketing strategy, as well as help analyze the target audience, and understand what needs to be improved. Moreover, such an approach deepens the customer’s relationship with your brand within their journey and develops brand loyalty.

3. Focus on the Omnichannel Communications

Nowadays pharma industry is rapidly getting more omnichannel-oriented. Omnichannel marketing ensures that no matter which channel the HCP will choose, the message will be seamless. This is exactly what pharmaceutical companies are focusing on today in collaboration with digital agencies. To learn more about how to implement an effective omnichannel communication strategy easily, check our playbook.

4. Channel Agnostic Future

The rise of ‘channel agnostic’ marketing is another forecast for the near future. This approach will pay for itself in the future since channel-agnostic, modular content can accelerate communication and speed up MLR approval, saving costs, and empowering customer user journeys. Modules ensure a more rapid process of creation and updating of presentations, emails, and websites. Moreover, powerful integrations with ecosystems allow to reuse modules in all channels. Learn about the much-discussed Channel-Agnostic Module in about 3 minutes.

5. Extension of Agencies Services Portfolio

A trend-setting digital marketing agency will never stop refining its services in order to be compatible with holistic strategies. The truth is, to ride high, the digital agency is supposed to provide a huge list of services like software creation, digital design, branding, content and video marketing, etc. Some of them are crucial for a marketing competition. The truth is that only a few Agencies have sufficient capacity to provide all of them at once. Referring to another agency and getting access to their services is a solution to this problem. Check out Viseven flexible partnership approaches.

The Right Type of Partnership to meet Pharma’s Requests

Digital agencies should address Parma’s needs and adjust to new realities as quickly as possible to attract new clients and generate bigger profits. A win-win partnership with a full-cycle digital agency can be an immense resource, especially for smaller businesses.  The question is how to choose the right partner who will go with you along the path of digital perfection? When you deal with a full-cycle digital marketing agency, you’ll have a seamless plan of your operational strategy. The key is to understand your business’s needs. A suitable agency partner comes with the most advanced technology and resources available for content creation, task automation, and analytics.

Viseven partnership approaches

Viseven is a full-cycle digital agency and multichannel content supplier for Life Sciences. Our comprehensive solution – eWizard – is an easy-to-use platform that enables seamless creation, update, and delivery of multichannel content: eDetailing, emails, microsites, remote calls. Our core mission is to pioneer an innovative approach to content production, where flexible modules can be created once and then published into multiple channels. We are the solution provider with more than 10 years of expertise in digital content production for Life Sciences. Our game-changing partnership programs will help you to boost your performance, save time, and budget and become one-stop-shop for pharma companies. eWizard is integrated with main CRM systems used by pharma: Veeva, iQVIA, Salesforce (+SFMC), AEM. You can choose the type of partnership that will meet the requirements of your business.

eWizard content authoring platform allows to:

  • Provide end-to-end creation of all types of pharma marketing content: emails, eDetailers, apps, websites and much more
  • Obtain convenient tools for crafting and reusing universal content across systems and channels, backed up with precise analytics
  • All bets are off: unlimited access to develop as much content as you need
  • Reduce production costs for HTML5 content development
  • Save resources: create more content with less people

Reseller Partner Program

Our flexible and rewarding reseller partner program helps pharma and life science companies create the multichannel content in entirely new ways by offering Viseven Products and Services. Among our main solutions, they can resell are eWizard, eWizard Pulse, eWizard NaviGate, Viseven CLM, Viseven CRM, etc.
Our reseller partners are mainly consulting and marketing agencies who want to expand their service portfolio and become a one-stop-shop for pharma. They can provide your clients with access to a strong team of content creators with 10 years of expertise in the pharma field. There are no boundaries to entry, you start as a Reference Partner and grow to a Reseller. In short, you can choose the program that is right for your business and consistent with your desired level of investment. Become an authorized partner to sell Viseven products and gain support at all stages, including marketing materials, promotion, and technical support.

Content Partner Program

To increase revenue and boost customer experience, new software advancements are in demand. Our content partners get access to eWizard – convenient, fast, and cost-effective platform for content creation and are certified for innovative approaches to content crafting and management. In-build integration to the leading players like Veeva Multichannel Suite, IQVIA OCE, Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud put our content partners in a strong competitive position on all fronts. Moreover, large pharma companies may require their agencies to be certified for content creation Viseven can provide eWizard certification on demand. Our content partners can create multichannel content in entirely new ways and automate common tasks across the content supply chain. Help pharma to reach customers in a timely and efficient manner – do not hesitate to contact our team of experts and discover more capabilities of our content authoring solution.

The right kind of partnership with the right type of partner is the key to success in a rapidly changing pharmaceutical world. It’s all about to choose the type of relationship that will meet your business’s needs. The partnership programs of Viseven Company are based on the principle of mutually profitable cooperation. 

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