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AEM and eWizard Integration: Revolutionizing Pharma Content Management

We are thrilled to announce the integration of eWizard with Adobe Experience Manager! Connect all your tools in one place, streamlining content production for enhanced speed and cost-efficiency. By leveraging the seamless integration, you can now boost Adobe infrastructure and significantly shorten production timeframes while still delivering high-quality content tailored for patients and healthcare professionals.

Today, we will tell you more about Adobe Experience Manager and eWizard integration and how it can enhance pharma content optimization, content approval processes, and other workflows. If you are ready to implement next-gen content strategies and healthcare content automation, then this is the right guide for you. Learn more about the seamless integration between the eWizard platform and Adobe in our guide.

What is Adobe Experience Manager?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a solution that combines a control management system (CMS) and a digital asset management (DAM) system. With AEM, you can manage and sync your data across multiple internal systems and channels, helping create a unified customer experience and providing a centralized platform for content management. AEM includes features such as visual media conversion, omnichannel content delivery, cloud service, and many others.

Overview of eWizard and Adobe Experience Manager

Integration of eWizard with AEM presents limitless capabilities that are guaranteed to help you save time and resources when it comes to creating content. This is what Adobe Experience Manager integration has to offer:

  • Efficient content production

Convert static assets to interactive ones and publish them to any target system immediately. Save time by automating processes related to content production.

  • Single point of control for content creation & delivery​

Every piece of content and material you are working on is available in one place. You don’t have to switch between tabs or use multiple programs to create and deliver content: You can just do it right here, in eWizard, while also getting the most out of AEM’s capabilities.

  • Streamlined processes

No need to double-check whether the downloaded archive is compatible with the target system and test its rendering.​ Automatic publication of broadcast emails to Adobe campaigns eliminates the time that can be spent on manually uploading the content to the target system.​

  • Seamless and easy integration

Integrate your existing tools with the Adobe ecosystem, gaining access to all instruments in one place. You can work with your content in the same space, making changes when necessary without switching tabs and using multiple instruments.

  • Personalized content

Create and deliver personalized content to patients and healthcare professionals, adhering to industry-leading Adobe standards. Combined with the modular content approach and numerous Adobe Experience Manager features, you can now streamline content production and create materials perfectly tailored to your audience’s needs and preferences.

Benefits of Integrating eWizard with Adobe

By integrating eWizard with Adobe, you can finally achieve maximum cost-efficiency and productivity. Here are the AEM integration benefits:

  • Reduce the time needed for content distribution​

Our system validates the existing content, suggests necessary steps, and notifies of any errors, speeding up the content’s publishing process. You don’t have to enter any additional metadata or take other extra steps; everything is already handled!

  • Smooth and easy process of publishing any type of content 

Publish content directly to any target system.​ Moreover, thanks to the automatic publication, you don’t need to spend time manually uploading any content. With our eDetailing platform, e-Wizard, and AEM integration, you can create any content with ease, including banners, presentations, emails, and others.

  • Better tracking and monitoring of publication history​

eWizard monitors all the content you’re working with, checking for mistakes and preventing duplicates in Adobe campaigns, maintaining consistency across all published materials, and checking for errors.

  • Official partnership and secure connection​

Viseven is an official Adobe Solution Partner. All our policies and procedures comply with ISO 27001. Our team consists of certified Data Protection Office experts dedicated to ensuring your safety by safeguarding sensitive patient data and intellectual property.

  • Affordable solution

No expensive development team is required to create high-quality Adobe content. You can now do it easily with eWizard and AEM integration, saving time and resources.

Technical Requirements for Pharma Integration

Data Integrity and the Need for Integrated Pharma Content Solutions

Data integrity is one of the most important aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, and it helps companies guarantee the safety of many processes in pharma, such as clinical trials, drug development, research, etc.

Here at Viseven, our top priority is ensuring the safety of our clients. We adhere strictly to data quality principles, following the ALCOA guidelines:

  • Attributable: Every time a company works with any material, they know who produced it, why, and when;
  • Legible: Ensuring data is readable and permanent (meaning that it remains understandable throughout the years) is crucial for accessibility throughout its lifecycle. This goes both for paper and electronic records;
  • Contemporaneous: Data must be recorded at the time the event or activity is taking place. Proper timestamping practices should be used. Data recorded after the event or activity has occurred should be indicated as a late entry;
  • Original: All data must be original rather than copies of materials used previously that were already published;
  • Accurate: Data should be error-free and have proper tagging and linking of all digital assets.

Digital Asset Management and Content Approval Software (Life Sciences Perspective)

The pharma industry has one of the most complicated content lifecycles, making it important to consider the different layers of responsibility at every content production stage. Generally, we can categorize these layers into three distinct categories.

Asset management, specifically handled by agencies, can be organized as a short-term goal. Typically, this entails establishing a unified workspace with adequate integrations, a suite of content authoring features, and a means to track outcomes effectively.

Next comes the marketing review and approval workflow, necessitating both a consolidated platform for content collaboration (e.g., asset commenting) and a formal approval mechanism supported by technology.

Consequently, covering medical, legal, and regulatory aspects, the compliance layer also demands a centralized “source of truth.” This entails additional meta-tagging, taxonomy, contextual elements, and a more structured approval chain.

The eWizard and Adobe AEM integration is a powerful solution that addresses the complexities of the pharmaceutical content lifecycle to ensure compliance across all stages of content production. The AEM and eWizard synergy empowers companies to create unique content in accordance with all principles of data integrity and pharmaceutical standards, making it easy to optimize and publish content without spending time on manual tasks.

eWizard & Adobe Solutions Worth Paying Attention To

Are you ready to unleash Adobe’s full potential? We offer a range of eWizard and Adobe solutions suitable for businesses of any size:

AEM consulting

Our experts will provide possible ways to align AEM’s capabilities with business goals, help analyze business requirements, and advise on content strategy and digital asset management.

AEM managed solutions

We offer comprehensive management of AEM infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability. ​Our solutions cover aspects like site monitoring, performance tuning, and regular updates.

AEM and marketing automation integration

The Viseven team will help you integrate AEM with various marketing automation platforms for streamlined content management and marketing processes​ and more targeted and efficient marketing campaigns.

Enterprise-grade AEM solutions

We offer expertise in Adobe services tailored for large-scale operations, focusing on enhancing digital experiences through personalization, optimizing content management, and improving overall website functionality to boost user engagement and conversion rates. ​

AEM Migration and Upgrade Services

Our professionals are ready to ​assist you with digital asset migration from other systems to AEM​ and upgrading existing AEM installations to the latest versions.

Adobe Experience Manager Success Story

The Viseven team has provided numerous clients with successful Adobe Experience Manager solutions. Here is one of the many success stories demonstrating how powerful the combination of AEM and Viseven’s expertise can be.


Our client, a leading figure in their industry, faced a challenge due to the lack of an available AEM development team. They sought our expertise to create a user-friendly portal to streamline customer experience and prompt users to share personal information.


A digital platform that would foster a community of growers advocating for their solutions.​

How we did it

Our team developed and configured the AEM according to the client’s needs to support the launch and management of customer platforms. ​

Moreover, we developed the website, created template pages and specific components, plus provided support activities. Then, we offered consulting to employ the best AEM development approaches.​

Our approach

Our communication strategy included daily team syncs (stand-ups, reviews, grooming, retrospectives) and regular updates with project stakeholders, product owners, and the infrastructure team.​ We ensured quality by updating test cases during feature development and implementing automated testing to support expansion into new markets.​

Business value

  • Significantly enhanced the client’s customer engagement;
  • Personalized digital experience, which increased lead generation and built valuable Salesforce relationships;
  • We fully addressed the client’s problems without third-party assistance, except for IT support and infrastructure, which were managed by the client;
  • The client was impressed with our agility, expertise in the AEM tech stack, and commitment to effective communication and value delivery.​

Are you ready to experience a renewed approach to creating content? The eWizard and Adobe integration enables you to craft personalized campaigns and customer interactions that resonate deeply with your audience. From intelligent content workflows to pharma document automation, you can now enhance multiple processes in just a few clicks.

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