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Omnichannel Tools and Software for Communication Channels in Life Science

omnichannel communication for marketing

Over the years, businesses faced a transition from one channel to multichannel, and now omnichannel. Today, this is what everyone is striving for. Earlier in this blog, we covered many aspects of omnichannel communication, from the difference between multichannel and omnichannel to why omnichannel is the must-step toward digital excellence for Pharma. It’s time to identify the best omnichannel marketing tools and services to connect with your customers. These tools will pave your customers’ journey from the beginning to the point of complete satisfaction with your brand experience.

What are Omnichannel Tools?

Omnichannel marketing is all about connecting with a customer on different levels across multiple channels, and omnichannel tools are what can help companies achieve it. The goal of omnichannel marketing is to create comfortable communication between the brand and the client, regardless of the chosen platform. Thanks to the omnichannel approach, it becomes possible to create a personalized connection with a customer. And the final touch in this process is the best omnichannel tools that make it possible to deliver customized messages, interact with clients, and drive engagement.

Why do Life Sciences Companies Strive for Omnichannel?

Over the pharmaceutical business and beyond, major brands have already recognized the importance of moving to an omnichannel approach. Some are already starting to integrate it into their marketing strategy. So, what is the essence? In the end, it will always boil down to the consumers and their experience. The modern customer, be it a doctor or anyone else, no longer interacts with the brand through one platform. With the comprehensive development of technology and the opening of numerous digital channels, customers now have a dialogue with brands via different channels (websites, emails, social, apps, remote calls, ads, etc.). One might wonder, the more channels of communication you have, the more likely your message will be picked up. However, the brand’s task is to make sure that the flow of information coming from different channels does not turn your communication strategy into a total mess.

It’s as if your customer communication strategy were an overture performed by an entire orchestra. Various communication channels would play the role of musical instruments. If each instrument plays its part coherently, you have a chance to get harmony in the output.

Omnichannel builds upon the good old multichannel approach but with one extensive modification. In multichannel, all channels are available for the customer but not connected, whereas in omnichannel, all channels are interconnected, thereby making the customer experience holistic.

The Tools and Software to Strike up an Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

If you’re just about to jazz up the dialogue with your customers and implement omnichannel, you have to rely on robust tools and services whose coordinated actions can improve all aspects of your marketing efforts. Having a good set of those in your case, you will be able to manage individual campaigns, cross-channel campaigns, and personalized customer journeys based on those campaigns.

1. Marketing Automation Tools

A marketing automation system is the bandmaster of your strategy, able to analyze lead behavior and measure overall campaign performance. A well-thought-out solution collects a wide range of data from multiple sources and helps you segment your audience smartly. This includes several categories of functionality: email, social media, web marketing, and analytics. Such omnichannel marketing software can add that personal touch to your campaign and make it more focused. It’s an empath with a fine appreciation of your customers’ behavior, an indispensable instrument providing the necessary basis for the development, and colorizing of your omnichannel dialogue with the customer.

If marketing automation software is the brain, the CRM is the heart allowing you to record, in detail, each customer’s journey. Omnichannel customer interaction tools help you to view channel information in real-time and represent a center for their response. In fact, a CRM system provides individuality and empathy, which is so important to a modern client who is used to special treatment.

3. Content Marketing Platform

Comparable to a string bow, content is your tool to masterly hit the string sections sensitive to your clients’ needs. It’s a powerful enabler of consistent brand messaging. Moreover, content is your brand’s voice, true identity, and mission. The omnichannel strategy operates smoothly only when the content is developed correctly. However, there’s a lot to handle regarding the development of content that would fit any communication channel. That’s why a choice of a content authoring solution plays such an important role in omnichannel pharma marketing.

Regarding this, eWizard omnichannel marketing platform offers Modular Content as a solution. This content, existing beyond devices, channels, and campaigns, enables marketers to create content once and publish to many systems. It is not just a brave new marketing trend; this promises to be the ultimate future of content.

Download our eBook to have a comprehensive picture of Modular Content and its capacities in omnichannel pharma marketing.

4. Social Media Omnichannel Tools

Social media management platforms are a crucial component of omnichannel messaging tools for managing multiple social profiles in one place. This is the tool to ensure uninterrupted communication with the audience, consistent messaging, publication planning, and analytics tracking on different platforms. Moreover, they help you transform your content every time so that it fits into every social network. By using omnichannel marketing management tools, you can efficiently create targeted messaging and publish it.

5. SEO Tools

Tune up the sharp hearing needed to get more traffic to your site and a higher ranking in search results. SEO tools will give you this and many other great features, from SEO site audit to competition analysis and ranking tracking.

Just as the heart cannot function without the brain and vice versa, all these social selling omnichannel tools will not bring the expected outcome without their integrated efforts. The whole point is not just to have them, but to harmonize their work.

6. Omnichannel Customer Support Tools

Omnichannel support tools are designed to not only assist companies with providing consistent messaging and high-quality customer service but also ensure reliable and timely support. There are different ways to offer customer retention, the best ones being live chats, chatbots, customer support integrations for social media management platforms, and messaging apps.

7. E-commerce Platforms and Marketplace Integrations

Omnichannel sales tools assist businesses in creating their presence online and making it stronger by providing seamless customer experiences and opportunities for growth. Moreover, such platforms often offer integrations that make many processes easier, such as order fulfillment or inventory management, while also enabling a unified shopping experience. Some of the best omnichannel sales tools are Shopify, Magento, and Channel Advisor. You can also use omnichannel networking tools to build customer relationships and centralize communication with your clients. Some great examples are Genesys and Zendesk.

The final chord

At this stage, omnichannel is a rather young kind of art, and companies are still figuring out how to manage it correctly. If you master this craft and build elaborate omnichannel architecture, you will be able to expand it gradually and get the expected outcomes for your brand. If you are already armed with many of the listed omnichannel marketing tools – make them strike up. Turn to our experts for insights and guidance to have a broad picture of all omnichannel subtleties.

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