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The Role of Digital Content Authoring in Omnichannel Pharma Marketing

Digital Content Authoring

HCPs meet your brand at all hours, across all channels and touchpoints. Today physicians and patients expect more consistency while engaging with a pharma brand (with content, messaging and offers provided), and no less they anticipate variability in each interaction as it occurs. As artificial intelligence, virtual technologies and the Internet of Things enter healthcare and pharma so rapidly, a huge portion of omnichannel efforts must be undertaken. Omnichannel marketing is all about connecting and creating such co-coordinated experiences among channels; experiences that are interchangeableAfter all, an omnichannel approach is the one that should be rewarding not only to perfectly harmonized customer journeys but to company wellbeing as well.It has led pharma to develop a new approach in terms of content creation. Eager to learn how does this approach look now? Strap up to see: 

When Modules come – Consistency follows 

 Fragmented interactions do not work anymore. There should be no “space” between customer experiences – they should exist in harmony and be cohesive. The customer journey needs to be mapped as one whole, but not as shattered bits that were split up. The one-size-fits-all approach to content creation is overaged, and it is no longer working. The content delivered to HCPs or patients should be universal and at the same time a bit of exclusive; it should fit whatever needs arise. Let’s say, “predictive content”, just as though. Here is the solution that can put together suchprevision, universality, and ability to match individual requirements – the Modular Content. 

The Traditional vs Modular way   

Whatever content is created by life sciences companies it should be medically, legally and regulatory approved, repeatedly, and no matter that this content might often contain just the same messaging and data. Ittime consuming, redundant, burdensome, and expensive process. Well, how can pharma keep up with today’s ever-changing demands for varied content across channels? Modular content came for pharma marketers as a means to master customer journeys. The idea behind Modularity lies in developing blocks (content blocks) which could be effortlessly reused, updated, and could exist in multiple locations, channels, and contexts. The approach drives both global and local consistency, reducing rounds of review and approval while decreasing time to market. 

Ready to take up the challenge and change the way you think of content creation? 

  find the digital content authoring solution that supports the omnichannel approach! 

eWizard is the omnichannel solution that offers seamless content management, driven by cost-effectiveness, Modular Approach for content reuse covering all channels, and aligned with main Digital content production principles in Pharma. As a content authoring solution, eWizard enables the user to createmanage, update and localize key messages in a fast and cost-effective way across all channels of your omnichannel strategy. It presents content in the form of reusable blocks – ModulesThese modules can be automatically updated and approved in every channel and installed into templates with no changes for MLR approvals. 

How does a Digital Content Authoring Solution work? 

 Cross-channel connected modules are created – that is a core claim (message) with all references that support it (+ media, graphs, images, videos, etc.) approved to be used and reused through multiple channels (e.g. eDetailing, websites, emails)eWizard is integrated with Veeva Vault for easy access and content management, including modules. They arefunctioning within a connected content framework and are updated automatically in all channels. For further distribution of your content eWizard is integrated with Adobe Experience Manager, Veeva Vault PromoMats and IQVIA.  

The basis for a successful modular content program is end-to-end digital asset management, a “DAM” solution.

Digital agencies or brand teams can access these approved modules using a DAM system. You’ll become more efficient in terms of time, budget, resources while remaining high quality in creation, localization and content distribution to channels. 

Let’s look at the key capabilities of eWizard platform: 

For those companies that are going to design and implement an outstanding omnichannel strategy –  

  • modular content framework enables to create, update, and reuse cross-channel modules; 
  • eWizard omnichannel content Builder, Localizer, and Converter makes it easy toassemble cross-channel and channel-specific content; 
  • integrations with corporate ecosystem helppublish modules for approval and distribute final content to all channels and systems automatically; 
  • faster MLR approval process in eWizard ensures digital content is compliant, accessible and responsive to the entire needs of marketing strategy as well as accelerated review process and rapid changes. 
  • up to 80 percent of digital content reusealong with converting your PDF or InDesign formats into CLM-friendly eDetailing. Get completely editable and ready HTML5 presentations where you can set dynamic navigation and add interactive elements; 
  • easier content management system whereomnichannel content migrates via multiple channels easily (a full content delivery lifecycle); 
  • higher brand awareness in fewer resources’ involvement with 100% content reuse and localization in one click. Your brand performance increases because of outstanding commercial content quality and better adoption by the company sales representatives, as well as the end customers. 
  • increased alignment as your contentis completely aligned to local market needs.

eWizard platform gives limitless opportunities for editing, reusing and creation of interactive content with automatic publishing to Veeva Vault environment. Using eWizard you can design and create the journey in which the Global Master Version for various digital channels (emails, websites, eDetailers, etc.) means further reuse of its assets at the highest quality eliminating the need for additional agencies’ work, coding manipulations, and re-creation of content. In turn, you get ready-made digital assets for a pharma brand product that can be quickly reviewed and approved. By selecting the right content authoring solution, you’ll save your time, costs, resources while receiving beneficial outcomes with a guarantee of high quality and superior value. 

 eWizard platform, as a powerful digital solution, will help pharma brand managers and marketers augment customer experience and maintain aomnichannel strategic approach. To see eWizard in action right away, drop our experts a line and request a free demo. Get ready to level up your omnichannel marketing strategy! 

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