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Keep in Touch with Viseven at NEXT Pharma Summit 2024

Viseven NEXT Pharma Event
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Keep in touch with Viseven at
Next Pharma Summit 2024

May 14 - 15, 2024
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Viseven NEXT Pharma Event

Join Us in Unleashing Innovation at NEXT Pharma Summit 2024

The Viseven team is attending the NEXT Pharma Summit 2024 to exchange experience with the leaders of the pharma’s top companies like Bayer, Merck, Biogen, Teva, and more. The conference will take place on May 14-15 in Dubrovnik. These are busy weeks for our team coming from the Reuters Pharma 2024 conference.

On May 15, 11 AM CET, Prasant Vijayakumar, Viseven’s Head of Content Strategy and Enablement, will conduct a workshop “Unveiling the Future: The Quest for Complete Content Automation.”

The workshop will focus on the transformative role of automation in content marketing and the application of automation tools in creating engaging modular content. Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO, Nataliia Kulyba, Regional Director, and Anna Malivska, Product Manager Modular Approach Expert, will also attend and share expertise with their peers. 

What is
NEXT Pharma Summit?

NEXT Pharma Summit 2024 is a 2-day multistage conference for people engaged in pharma and technology by the industry leaders. 60 speakers from 30 countries will share their experiences and present their insights on the impact of technology on the pharmaceutical industry and medical affairs and much more. 

The NEXT pharma conference is an opportunity to hear from and talk to the industry’s leading experts, understand where pharma is headed, discuss future challenges, and see what is NEXT for the pharma businesses.

Our Team
Viseven NEXT Pharma Summit
NEXT Pharma Summit Viseven

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