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Viseven at Reuters Pharma USA 

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Viseven is attending Reuters Pharma 2024!

March 26-27, 2024
Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC)
Philadephia, PA, USA
Let’s network at REpharmaUSA

Join the event that brings together over 100 speakers dedicated to timely delivering life-saving treatments to patients.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with the attendees from Viseven, including Oksana Matviienko, Regional Director, and Leonardo Sanchez, AE Lead, at booth number 302.

We are eager to engage in discussions with you about how healthcare innovation in the pharma industry can provide solutions for sustainable and affordable medicine.

Reuters Pharma USA 2024
1,200 attendees and the top 50 pharma leaders moving the needle in the industry

As healthcare is progressing towards providing affordable access to patient care, the pharma’s commercial model remains outdated. Life sciences companies are left with no choice but to adjust.

At this pharmaceutical event in 2024, industry leaders will explore ways to empower healthcare professionals with crucial pharma industry insights and adapt to evolving payer needs. Don’t hesitate to book a meeting with us and be a part of this transformative experience.

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