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How Pharma company can win the competition for HCP’s attention with Interactive Emails

interactive emails

Email communication is one of the essential channels of communication between pharma brands, HCPs, and patients. However, the success of your marketing efforts can be drastically different depending on the maturity of your email marketing means – content you provide, analytical tools that help gathering data, email design tools, interactive elements, etc.

So what are the standards for email marketing today and what are the peculiarities of email marketing in the pharma and life sciences industries? How can you reach deep personalization in your communication and how to improve the production, storage, and reuse of email content? All those and many other important issues will be highlighted in the upcoming Viseven webinar dedicated to advanced email practices in the pharma industry and Viseven’s Interactive Email Marketing solutions provided for your digital growth.

On the upcoming webinar scheduled on August 11 at 4 PM CET, hosted by Pavel Klymenko, Head of Omnichannel Hub, Viseven, the attendees will learn about the principal cornerstones of effective email marketing in pharma and life sciences. Namely, AMP email elements, personalization, email templates with interactive dynamic themes, and, of course, email content, structure, and design.

Apart from it, you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Viseven’s Interactive Email Marketing solution, its capacities, and its features. Learn how you can benefit from integrated technologies and design tools, and how it can improve your workflow, email marketing, and content production.

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