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Creating Impactful Campaigns and Driving Innovation: Viseven and Aprimo Team Up

Viseven&Aprimo partnership

Viseven, a leading global MarTech services provider for the Pharma and Life Sciences industries, is eager to reveal some exciting news: Viseven has teamed up with Aprimo, a content operations platform and work management solution provider. This partnership paves the way for gradual digital transformation across many industries, including Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, and, of course, Pharma and Life Sciences, making high-quality digital content creation, management, and distribution a reality for everyone.

Delivering Personalized and Impactful Experiences & Cutting-Edge Content Management Solutions

The partnership between Viseven and Aprimo is a unique opportunity for global companies to enhance their delivery process of high-value omnichannel experiences. Both companies develop solutions for companies that rely on large quantities of complex, compliant, multilingual content in their marketing endeavors. The result product of the collaboration will ensure that the content reaches the right audience at the right time, while also maximizing engagement and accelerating growth.

Viseven is going to contribute its experience in the modular approach, AI applications for taxonomy, localization tools, and other content management solutions.

Viseven and Aprimo offer complementing solutions for end-to-end content management: AI-powered content storage system, management, planning, and distribution tools – all connected through Viseven eWizard content experience platform. By leveraging the integration of Viseven and Aprimo, the clients will gain the ability to extend the frontiers of marketing in their respective industries and attain unparalleled digital excellence. They will be able to eliminate data silos, enable synchronized processes, accelerate content approval, enhance its quality, and unlock a multitude of other benefits.

“Having a partner like Aprimo is a chance for us to create a meaningful long-lasting impact. Digital transformation is not a solitary endeavor, and we are ready to work side by side to become a part of the future where innovation is not limited by any boundaries.”

Nataliya Andreychuk, Co-founder and CEO of Viseven.

Aprimo & Viseven integration will enable companies to create engaging digital content. By leveraging Viseven’s expertise and Aprimo’s offerings, users will be able to deliver impactful marketing campaigns that would strike a chord with the audience and enhance communication. Businesses can reshape the way they create brand content, unlocking its full potential and making it more powerful than ever.  

By utilizing Viseven’s closed-loop marketing approach, companies can generate valuable data on customer behavior and campaign performance. When seamlessly connected with the analytics and reporting capabilities of Aprimo, customers can obtain a holistic view of the approval, impact, and usage of digital assets. This integration empowers data-driven decision-making, facilitating the optimization of content strategies, identifying high-performing assets, and enhancing overall marketing effectiveness. 

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About Aprimo

Aprimo’s AI-powered content operations platform helps your teams spend their time and effort on content and marketing strategies that drive business outcomes and reach customers in the right channels. Recognized by Forrester for its digital asset management and marketing resource management software, Aprimo has been named the leading vendor in the Wave Reports for DAM and MRM due to its continued innovation in AI and vision for generative AI solutions. Aprimo provides customers with a future-proofed 360° view into content strategy, planning, collaboration, and delivery across all teams and locations in real time to help your teams manage, measure, and monetize your digital assets. Visit to see how we’re powering brands of all sizes with Content360°. 

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About Viseven 

Viseven is a future-inspired global MarTech Services Provider for Pharma and Life Sciences industries with more than a decade of experience. Viseven’s digital transformation center offers innovative solutions for companies of different sizes and digital maturity levels by merging marketing and digital technology expertise with innovation and strategic capabilities. The company’s solutions, products, and services are actively used by the TOP 100 Pharma and Life Sciences companies in more than 50 countries around the globe.

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