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Viseven has been certified by PECB MS to be in accordance with the management system requirements in ISO/ IEC 27001: 2013

The information security management system of Viseven is now certified by PECB MS in accordance with ISO/ IEC 27001: 2013.

Wcare about privacy concerns 

 Since the processing of customers’ personal data is growing exponentially, a company offering comprehensive digital solutions needs to adhere to information privacy security policy. The ISO/ IEC 27001 is the standard vital to an organization ready to implement PIMS (Privacy Information Management System) – it provides requirements on how to process, safeguard data, and properly address privacy concerns. An information security management system grants a company with a competitive advantage by demonstrating that all financial information, intellectual property, employee details or any other data delivered from third parties are managed and protected in accordance with the best security practices. 

 The ISO/ IEC 27001 ISMS standard ensures that all company data assets are kept secured with in-built information infrastructure towards risk-management approach. The purpose of the regulations is to prevent and reduce risk factors which could cause the loss of information or other risky circumstances to the company’s assets. 

Viseven specialists are committed to putting customers first as the company is offering topnotch expertise in content development to the global pharmaceutical market. We take the privacy and protection of our clients as our central priority. Our company obtains and operates large amounts of intellectual and financial data, so we must ensure our customers will benefit from cooperation and provided servicesAt Visevenbeyond everything, we are building trust – and trust starts with security that is always guaranteed.

Natalia Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven.

Scope of Certification:

 Information Security Management System applies to Viseven end-to-end services of content creation under the Statement of Applicability (SoA). It concerns such services as design, development, testing, and delivery, mobile development, Viseven CRM, CLM, eDetailing solutions, digital communication strategy development, Remote Detailing solutions, as well as the multichannel content authoring solution – eWizard platform and all related consulting, training, management, and support services. 

At the core of our approach is to save lives by making communication faster 

Viseven is a full-cycle digital solutions provider with 10-year expertise in content development and digital transformation for the global pharmaceutical market. The unique Viseven digital solutions allow life sciences to deliver personalized content across the whole spectrum of multichannel mix with relevant materials tailored to real-world needs. 

The proper interaction of a set of essential Viseven products and services (including eWizardeWizard NaviGate, CRM/CLM system, eDetailingeWizard Remote Detailer, to name a general few) enables powerful boost and support at all stages of marketing campaign circle.  

Drop our experts a line to deepen your expertise in a line for unique omnichannel content expertise, cutting edge tools, content development and management for Life Sciences.  

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