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Viseven at 2023 Veeva Commercial Summit: Advancing Transformation with Modular Content

Event Veeva Commercial Summit

On May 2-3, the Viseven team, including Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven CEO, Leonardo Sanchez, Account Manager at Viseven US, and Maryna Alekseichuk, Global Head of Strategic Accounts, went to Boston, MA, USA, to attend the 2023 Veeva Commercial Summit.

As one of North America’s most prominent conferences for sales and marketing experts in the pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and healthcare industries, the 2023 Veeva Commercial Summit gathered dozens of businesses to accelerate growth and advance transformation.

“The scale of the event is astonishing. Veeva united a vast number of top players in the market, innovative startups, and experienced companies into a community that is transforming the experiences of pharma customers. It’s fascinating to see all the changes and be a part of them. We’re excited to represent Viseven as a silver sponsor at the event, and we’re proud to be Veeva’s technology partner,” says Natalia Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven.

The 2023 Veeva Commercial Summit comprised nearly 100 keynotes and sessions held across five zones by the representatives of the world’s top enterprises, such as Takeda, Janssen, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, GSK, Moderna, Merck, Astellas, Horizon, Pfizer, Roche, and others. During two days of the conference, field experts shared their knowledge and discussed how to:

  • Build the next-generation medical infrastructure. 
  • Create a single source of truth across multiple brands, therapeutic areas, functions, and geographies. 
  • Improve coordination and effectiveness between clinical and field teams with a shared view of customer interaction. 
  • Leverage capturing, reporting, and actioning medical insights. 
  • Set up a marketing analytics framework to maximize impact on rare disease patients and prescribers.
  • Improve a brand’s communication strategies and boost awareness.
  • Boost productivity and streamline field planning. 
  • Achieve excellent data quality and streamlined data management. 
  • Implement a strong content marketing strategy built on quality, speed, and effectiveness. 

Over 1,400 attendees got an opportunity to learn the hottest trends in omnichannel engagement, global-to-local marketing, automation, data analytics, medical legal regulatory (MLR) review, and many other topics. 

“This year’s Veeva Commercial Summit exceeded our expectations. Lots of different companies, lots of great faces, and lots of interesting events to discover,” says Maryna Alekseichuk, Global Head of Strategic Accounts at Viseven. 

At their booth, the Viseven team personally engaged with the summit attendees and demonstrated the possibilities of the modular content approach based on the integration of eWizard and Veeva platforms. 

Nataliya Andreychuk, Maryna Alekseichuk, and Leonardo Sanchez connected with current clients to discuss business goals and deepen cooperation opportunities. Also, the Viseven team got acquainted with the employees of companies, exploring the benefits of using the modular approach and looking for the best solutions. 

“Our goal was to show potential and existing clients how much we can offer in terms of reaching the modular state. We were able to connect with a lot of new people who were already thinking about eWizard as their content authoring tool,” says Leonardo Sanchez, Account Manager at Viseven US.

Some of the attendees successfully tested eWizard on-site and agreed to consider the option of partnership with Viseven.

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