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Viseven at Pharma Xchange: Switching to Omnichannel in Korea

viseven at pharma xchange

Starting this year, most pharmaceutical companies in South Korea plan to switch from multichannel to omnichannel marketing with the help of content production, cross-functional change management, and effective KPI monitoring. 

Viseven actively keeps an eye of the latest transformations within the South Korean pharmaceutical market, as it receives investments that amounts to trillions South Korean won.  

One of the tremendous opportunities we use to see the changes in pharma in South Korea is networking.

On June 30, 2023, the Viseven team were pleased to attend Pharma Xchange, an event about omnichannel marketing, technology, and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.   

At the conference, 16 top global pharmaceutical companies and medical-related partners in South Korea had a great chance to attend a few sessions hosted by:  

  • Yuri Jung, Co-Founder and CEO at SO & Company  
  • Reina Kim, Commercial Strategy Manager at SO & Company  
  • Jina Oh, Managing Director at Medigate  

The Viseven team, which included Yiseo Cheon, Account Manager, and Suyoung Kim, SDR Team Lead, went to the event to engage with companies that already use eWizard, a content experience platform powered by Viseven.

Yiseo and Suyoung connected with representatives of Takeda Korea, Boehringer Ingelheim Korea, Bristol Myers Squibb Korea, Viatris Korea, Bayer Korea, SO & Company, and Medigate, who got interested in Viseven products and services.  

“Due to the nature of Korean people who are sensitive to trends, many people at the event knew about the eWizard solution from Viseven. They showed interest in the omnichannel consulting service. We look forward to innovative changes in the digital marketing of Korean pharmaceutical companies!”,—Yiseo Cheon, Account Manager at Viseven South Korea.  

Along with meeting many current customers and new prospects who wanted to know how they could implement an omnichannel strategy within their organization, Yiseo and Suyoung were excited to participate in a discussion of innovation in South Korean pharma. Here’s how they compare this experience with the knowledge they had before the pandemic: 

“The Viseven Korean team learned about the changes in digital marketing strategies of Korean pharmaceutical companies before and after Covid-19. It was a very important experience for us because we had a session to hear opinions on the current digital marketing trends in the Korean market and the importance of using an omnichannel marketing strategy.”  

At the end of the event, attendees had an opportunity to take part in a panel discussion Omnichannel Strategy: Review & Outlook hosted by four speakers:  

  • Hoon Park, Sr. Customer Excellence Manager at Janssen Korea [Moderator]    
  • Euijoong Pyo, Omnichannel Customer Engagement Manager at Jannsen Korea    
  • Hajun Sung, Omnichannel Engagement Manager at BMS Media    
  • Jongil Park, Multichannel Engagement Specialist at Boehringer Ingelheim Korea 

During one hour of conversation, panel hosts shared experiences within their organizations and answered the audience’s questions.

You are always welcome to get in touch and find out more about Viseven products and services, industry events, or special offers. Feel free to send us a request anytime.

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