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Viseven at MWC Barcelona 2023: Connecting for a Healthier Future

mwc barcelona 2023

Earlier this month, Viseven, a leading provider of digital solutions for life sciences companies, attended MWC Barcelona with a team comprising Daniel Stepa, Head of Primary Sales, and Nataliia Savenko, Senior Brand Manager. MWC Barcelona is one of the most significant events in the mobile industry. It features a wide range of exhibitions showcasing mobile technologies and speeches by leaders of leading companies in the industry, including cellular operators, equipment manufacturers, technology suppliers, authors, and content distributors from around the world.

This year, the number of pharma companies attending the event and related lectures on pharma trends increased. One such example was the “Revolutionizing Healthcare With Digital Health” session, which highlighted the latest trends and innovations in digital health and how they are transforming the healthcare system. The session also gave insights into the challenges that must be addressed to ensure the widespread adoption of digital health solutions.

Another important topic for the pharma and healthcare industry was the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) into mobile app development. The event showcased the latest advancements in this field and how they revolutionize patient care.

It was great to see that MWC Barcelona allocated an entire hall for the healthcare industry, proving its significance in the tech and IT industries. Viseven had the opportunity to connect with many new people at the event. We believe that every connection could be an excellent opportunity to save lives by improving communication. Overall, Viseven had a fantastic time at MWC Barcelona and eagerly looks forward to attending the event next year!

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