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The War In Ukraine is a Global Crisis, Not a Ukraine-Only Crisis

stand with ukraine

By this moment, four months of full-scale conquest war of Russia against Ukraine feel like a single day, and this day feels like years have gone by. Thousands of people have died, millions have been displaced, and tens of millions had to seek refugee elsewhere. Among these millions are Viseven staff. Our colleagues are also on the battlefields defending their motherland.

Ukraine is close to our company’s heart. It is a country where many of us were born; it is a place many call home; it is the home that so many people had to leave because of missile attacks, artillery fire, and constant shelling over Ukraine’s territory.

The Battle On All Fronts

Ukraine’s battle runs in all fields: military, economic, informational, political, and social. Our main duty is to be helpful here and now, with the things you can do best and bring more profit for everyone. The same goes for businesses with Ukrainian roots —the companies now have a mission to support Ukraine’s economic state by paying taxes and salaries and providing high-quality services.

Our mission is to save lives by improving communication

To us, there is no better time to put that to good use by helping the people who protect the free world from the evil Russia brought upon Ukraine. In 2022, there should be no place for war anywhere in the world. There should be no room for a crisis that is felt throughout the planet. Russia’s war against Ukraine is not just against the Ukrainian people, it is against all the values that democratic societies share, and it is against equality and freedom.

The People Helping and Protecting

Viseven was founded in 2009, and ever since then, the company has been growing globally. That said, our Ukrainian background is always a huge part of us. We will always cherish freedom and human rights.

Since the first hours of February 24 (the day the full-scale invasion started), Viseven decided to cut all business relationships in Russia and Belarus. The company voiced its position principal position is to not participate in any business activities with Russia and Belarus and any sanctioned countries, which are equated to terrorist ones.

We truly believe we have no time to waste, so the company has not laid off any employees or contractual benefits. Speaking about benefits, Viseven’s policy of paying wages does not change. We support the economic function of Ukraine.

Even though the ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine does not recommend recruiting IT specialists for military service, a special mention is that as of April 1, eight Viseven employees serve in the Armed Forces, and many of us participate in regular volunteering activities. We are proud of the dedication and perseverance of our colleagues, and we support their initiatives, providing the maximum of available information and opportunities.

Our company and staff have raised over 100000 USD for the needs of the Ukrainian military. We managed to buy equipment, uniforms, and necessities to help the Ukrainians protect the free world.

Check out the personal stories of our team members about life and work in the middle of a full-scale military invasion.

Viseven’s business

We are glad to say that the business process is stable and solid. Viseven keeps reducing expenses so that employees do not feel the economic impact of the war: Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia offices are temporarily closed, and the Kyiv office won’t exist in the usual format. However, the longer the war lasts, the more frugal and efficient we must be.

We appreciate anyone who tries to walk in our shoes during these unfortunate events so that the clients’ understanding feels even more touching and provides more motivation to continue providing great service.

Just like those who protect our lives and freedom at the frontline right now, we have no other choice but to stay strong and reasonable during this time to protect those who need it most.

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