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How to Create a User-Friendly Design for a Medical Website?

Sleek website tricks that draw attention

You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is a buzz phrase in the business world. One of the main things to do as a smart manager is to try to draw attention to your company. The best-designed medical websites are going to help to attract clients and ensure that people know exactly what your company is all about.  

So, how do life science companies attract more visitors to their website? In this article, we will discuss some sleek tricks that have been tried and proved by successful website makers, which can give your platform the attention it merits. 

The Best Medical Website Design 2023

Becoming a Black Sheep

Although it has been said that web developers, designers, content managers, etc. are always in the shadows, in fact, these people present core messages of your company to the world. 

What makes a doctor’s website better?

Consistency is the key to the success of the entire project. Every stage of creating the best life science website design is meticulous work every developer from the web studio team is responsible for. Creating a website includes not only design development and programming, but also a detailed analysis of the project, dialogue with the customer, and the search for solutions to achieve the goals of the project. 

However, even precise adherence to all stages of development does not guarantee that your website will stand out from the others. A distinctive style can pick you out of a crowd of competitors, but designers have to give it all to ensure that it grabs users’ attention. There is no single solution to craft the best hcp pharma website; but there are different life science web design tricks and techniques that you can use to increase your chances of being noticed on the Internet. 

Keep it Simple 

Did you ever go to a website that shouted: “Made by a day-fly designer”? Likely.

We mean tons of redundant graphics, images, animations, and a rather strange choice of a color palette. Overloaded design not to be the answer if you want to provide the constant flow of visitors (and a general positive impression) to your website. Complex design is hard to read and understand. Keep gimmicks to a minimum. The best pharma website design should be clean, simple, and straightforward. Simplicity will keep visitors on your site for a long time. Web page design for life science should not be too complicated: websites that are overloaded with content will have a long load time. That will cause a bounce rate to increase. We’ve found proof with statistics that will confirm you. 

Surprise, Surprise 

When we see something unpredictable, the pleasure centers in our brain are turning on. We subconsciously choose something new and non-trivial because it captures our attention much faster than something we already know and possibly even like. This can be applied both to the design and content of the website. 

When it comes to the content of the pharmaceutical website landing page, the headlines should be catchy and arresting since they go through the graphics and take on the role of guide for the users on your designs. 

It is worth paying attention to these lines if you want to grab a visitor’s attention with your visuals. 

These may be headers with the element of surprise; otherwise, your content will blend in with the internet noise. 

Headlines containing questions are an excellent idea to strike a spark out of visitors. This is due to the fact they notice a gap in their knowledge and subconsciously strive to fill it. Another way to whet readers’ appetite is to give a small portion of the information at the beginning. This one will play into your hands because it will build up the reader’s information hunger and make them want to know more to feel better. 

Usage of superlatives (biggest, best, greatest) and negatives (worst) works flawlessly on landing pages headlines. Moreover, statistics also attract the attention of readers. 

It is hard to say if these tricks will 100% ensure a constant flow of visitors, but according to surveys, more than half 51% respondents prefer the intrigue-based approach to headlines with the usage of superlatives. 

Promote Wisely 

Is there any chance that there can be too much promotional push on the pharma website? Yep. Nothing annoys the web site visitor more than an overabundance of advertising popping up out of the woodwork. Moreover, it can sometimes deflect attention away from where the true customer engagement happens. 82% of people report that they have closed a web site because of the abundance of advertising.So how many ads/calls to action should be contained on a webpage? 

Investigate the interest of your target visitor. The first step to establishing the right balance in this equation is to start monitoring the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, as well as constantly testing it for continuous improvement. This means that you will advertise to a much more appropriate audience. Caring for visitors of your site should be your postulate, and this is what will help you find the best website design for medical and life science services. 

Leave Some Space 

Whitespaces is a tool to make a website readable, easy to perceive, and easy to like. Let us clarify that this is the untouched space between text, graphics, images, columns and other components. The best example to illustrate the unsuccessful use of Whitespaces is the websites with an abundance of ads instead of blank spaces. We say it is unsuccessful since it looks and distracts attention from the main content. Whitespaces is another trick to make a smooth transition between the content and the background of the website.

It is extremely important for designers to create a stylish look for a website and to be clear with their layouts. Whitespaces is the helper in highlighting or drawing attention to some elements of design. In other words, this is the very tool that gives simplicity and elegance to a website. 

Don’t be Plastic 

People are starving for interactivity. According to the survey conducted by Harris Poll, 36% of millennials ages 18 to 34, who use “visual expressions” such as emojis, GIFs and stickers say that those images better communicate their thoughts and feelings than words do. This is another successful trick which is widely used on the best life science websites to add some life and dynamic to your design. It is very convenient since these days GIFs are available for use on each social media platform. Besides, GIFs are a popular trend that will give extra attention to your pharma website. You may use animated logos in the website’s header, animated icons, and graphic elements to mobilize the website look. 

Be Music to the Eyes 

If we had to single out the main trick of the above, it would be a successful use of visualization. The visual concept is the first thing a site visitor pays attention to. Well-chosen colors and smooth color transitions are probably the best tricks to grab the attention of the visitor.  

Moreover, elegant contrasts in terms of color, shapes, and lines will help to stand out from the rest effortlessly. 

It is equally important to observe the visual hierarchy to avoid visual chaos and make your pharmaceutical website design visually catchy. Hierarchy describes order in which the human eye will perceive the elements on a website. Use it to emphasize what the visitor should see first and clearly manifest your ideas. 

Be Mobile-Friendly  

Nowadays, people are more than ever addicted to their mobile devices. We turn to our phones when we are bored, tired, in sickness and in health until “death do us part”. In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices. However, in 2019, the time average adult spends on smartphones increased by 9 minutes. Multichannel mobile traffic has increased by 68%. Additionally, multichannel mobile revenue has increased by 49%. That’s why we recommend developing a mobile-friendly website in the first place. By mobile-friendly website, we mean one that can recognize whenever it is viewed from a smartphone or tablet and change its layout accordingly.

If your website is not adapted for the mobile view, has inconvenient navigation or unreadable text, in the end, it will play a trick on the number of visitors to your healthcare website. A website design for life science companies should be available and easy to use across all platforms. Otherwise, you will simply lose some users even before they look at what you have to offer. 

New visitors go on a medical website to learn something new, so it is important to think of your site as a dialog between you and the customer. Content is the main ingredient of a good website, however, according to the psychology of human attention, the visitor is instantly guided by the first impression. This implies that design is the first thing a website visitor will judge it by. Moreover, this impression will largely depend on whether the visitor continues to study your website further; or closes it to being confused by the poorly selected color-scheme or extremely puzzlingnavigation. 

We hope that our tricks will strike a blow for you. If you are looking for a life science website design company that would help you with creating your website, our team of website experts is always happy to share with you our experience in creating a spectacular pharmaceutical website; and to provide even more tricks on how to turn it into an exciting story. 

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