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Orphan disease awareness campaign

In Viseven company, one of our core values is to improve people’s lives. And today, we are proud to share the results of our latest collaboration on the project dedicated to the problem of orphan diseases in Ukraine.

🧬 What are orphan diseases?

Orphan diseases are conditions that occur extremely rarely – less than 1 case per 2000 of the country’s population. The vast majority of such diseases are genetically determined. Sometimes, orphan diseases might present symptoms that overlap with signs of many other conditions. This can cause long delays in making a correct and timely diagnosis.

👨‍⚕️ How can we overcome challenges in the diagnosis of orphan diseases in Ukraine?

One of the ways to overcome the diagnosis challenges in Ukraine is to raise HCP awareness of orphan diseases, which was the main goal of our project. The project consisted of a close collaboration between Viseven and our customer – a global biopharmaceutical value-oriented company. We were able to successfully achieve this goal by pooling our resources and expertise in an omnichannel approach.

💡 What is the role of the omnichannel approach in this project?

The project’s strategy was based on sending the target audience (HCPs of certain specialties who may encounter an orphan disease in their clinical practice) informative personalized communications. This communication consisted of approved Viber messages with information relevant to the HCP’s interests such as symptoms of the orphan disease they could encounter in their clinical practice. Communication contained brief information about the problem and a call to action to learn more by accessing a specialized site. We analyzed the results of each communication to understand the best approach for this audience and to refine the messaging. The omnichannel project is a “live” project, allowing us to change the content whenever necessary to keep HCPs engaged.

📊 What are the results at present?

Our approach helped us maintain a stable read rate of over 55% through the entire campaign duration. This stable read rate indicated that more than half of the HCPs who received a Viber message from our campaign maintained their interest. We also sustained an average Click Rate of over 10%, which is a good sign that HCPs are interested in the topic. But what is most important is that we have “real-world” results: according to the data provided to us by our project partner, the number of referrals for genetic counseling of children with orphan disease signs has significantly increased. It means that our campaign has resulted in a tangible and significant increase in the level of awareness and vigilance of doctors regarding orphan diseases.

✔️ What is next?

We are not going to stop here! Overall, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved with this awareness campaign and excited to see what the future brings for us. Together with our partner, we continue to work on this project by improving our communications with HCPs, developing new educational courses, and planning webinars and other activities. Our ultimate goal is to identify children with orphan diseases and allow them to receive treatment to improve their lives. And we will do everything in our power for this as this is not only our work – this is our core value.

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