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Speeding up message delivery to HCPs with flexible framework for content development

HCP Email

How a revised approach to content creation helped develop email templates for urgent messaging in 2 days amid the COVID-19 crisis

The situation with the COVID-19 spread has forced life science companies to work hard and immediately respond to emerging challenges. However,  the pharmaceutical industry’s content creation process alone is a long travel including content development, MLR review, rounds of approval, and publishing – and pharma email is not an exception.

In this short ebook, you will find a detailed description of the case with a global pharmaceutical company that decided to launch an urgent email campaign to inform the HCPs about the latest updates related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Is it possible to develop email templates for urgent messaging in 2 days amid the COVID-19 crisis? Learn how a revised approach to content creation known as Flexible Framework helped global life science companies to withstand today’s market challenges.

You can access the ebook using the form below.

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