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How to Get 200 Website Subscribers in 30 Days by Setting up Omnichannel Customer Journeys

omnichannel case study in pharma

The Viseven team has gone through plenty of unique cases where an omnichannel customer journey would be a brand new HCP engagement practice in the pharma market.

A top 50 pharma enterprise from Spain addressed Viseven to solve a problem that has become widespread in the transforming digital world.

The challenge was to increase the number of registrations to a new web portal section for cardiologists using existing audience demographics which comprises 4.847 healthcare professionals.

This omnichannel marketing case study unveils the benefits of using automation technology and explains how to implement a subscription strategy that would become an impulse for boosting sales and ROI.

The Main Goals

After creating and launching a new section of the website, our client could not reach success and attract the desired amount of new users. Our objectives were to:

  • create the customer journey that includes several branches for multiple customer experience scenarios
  • produce content of diverse types and for a few promotional campaigns
  • launch subsequent campaigns to encourage 200 visitors to subscribe to the website

The Main Challenges

When examining the possible solution strategies for the case and considering the circumstances in the pharma industry, we had to:

  • break down a stereotype of websites as online resources that contain solely promotional materials
  • engage with HCPs using a modified channel mix to introduce a new section of the client’s web portal

The Solution

After analyzing the target database account data and customers’ previous behavior, we decided to take advantage of a marketing automation platform and its features that allowed us to:

  • use email and SMS as two main channels for pharma customer engagement
  • reserve social media as an extra channel for possible scaling

Final Results and Achievements

Within a two-week marketing campaign, the Viseven team created an impact on the future of the company and reached several key points:

  • 98% goal attainment
  • 196 new registrations
  • 3x registration boost of potential customers

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