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Ever wondered if you could make your content work even more? Maybe gain in flexibility, or customer engagement? Here’s an eBook that answers your possible questions and helps recreate basic key messages into vivid stories. Interactive presentations have long been a luxurious prime league of pharma marketing, but now it’s time to hack their success factors. You’ll find the information you need to appeal to digital natives. Starting with insights on how, where and why HCPs and patients prefer digital materials, the book analyzes which points will require special attention on your part. Next, there’s a practical look at how these promising points can be realized efficiently with technical solutions. There’s a demonstration of how tools like eWizard enable you to develop content, and a whole bunch of possibilities, ranging from content reusability to integrations with MITouch, Veeva Vault, iRep, etc. See the potential of digital technologies explained in detail, and give a powerful boost to your strategy.

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