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How to Save Money Producing More Content?

content creation case study

Digital transformation is no longer just a buzz word, it become an important strategic imperative in most of Global Pharma Companies. The ultimate goal of Pharma & Life science digital transformation is to improve efficiency, productivity, and patient outcomes as well as educate and engage the target audience through the use of advanced technologies and data analytics


The multinational pharmaceutical company, listed in Top-50 global pharmaceutical companies.

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  • increasing content demand, high cost of content production by Creative agencies;
  • budget increase didn’t follow the demand increase pace;
  • regions are siloed from each other as well as from the global office – no unified ecosystem for content; management – multiple custom platforms in different regions;
  • decentralized content creation, lack global-to-local reuse;
  • need for global messages & visual consistency.


A Digital Content Factory (DCF) has been developed for end-to-end content production. From 2020 to 2022, the demand for content in DCF increased by +49% (ready assets), while the cost decreased by -17%.

For some asset types, the cost decreased by almost -60% in three years. The significant cost decrease was generated by the massive growth of local content reuse. In 2022, content update requests increased by +99% compared to 2020. On average, we achieved a -37% TTM acceleration for key content formats.

Download the full case study document to learn more about the solution that allows us to achieve such great results.

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