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How omnichannel technologies increase patient adherence

improve patient adherence

Patient adherence is essential, not only for marketing purposes. It is necessary for efficient treatment as the more the patient trusts and relies on the doctor, the better the recovery. Failed adherence leads to substantial worsening of disease, death, and increased healthcare costs. 

This case study is dedicated to improving communication between HCPs and patients and using digital adherence technologies as an omnichannel approach. We will cover the topics of diligent patients’ culture and build a ladder of patient success in 6 short but meaningful steps. 

Customer and project info 

Our customer is one of the top 50 pharma companies worldwide. The pharma giant became interested in building a proper customer journey for their patients with chronic diseases. So, they relied on our assistance and technical expertise. 


The main priorities were to identify barriers to timely therapy and define techniques to engage patients to finish the treatment course. The strategy includes increasing the number of communication channels and developing a customer journey campaign. In the end, the customer would like a comprehensive IT infrastructure with integrated additional marketing communications services. 


The primary step of the solution was implementing a patient-centric approach to all stages of the customer journey. 

We analyzed patient behavior scenarios to understand the patient’s needs, behavioral trends, and engagement barriers. After that, it was necessary to determine the marketing automation software and integrate it with previously defined communication channels. Gathering patients’ data was the key to building an omnichannel patient-centric marketing campaign and creating adherence. 


Patient adherence has significantly increased within the first five months of the marketing campaign for every targeted audience. The number of bulk mailings decreased by 1.5 times. The omnichannel patient engagement campaign performed much better than the previous approach. 

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