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Build a Functional Omnichannel Communication System in Pharma

omnichannel communication case study


This short-term outcome case study on omnichannel communication is dedicated to the pharma company focused on innovative medicines for people with rare diseases. As the company’s marketing activities only grow, monitoring and optimizing every step of content production becomes harder. Now, the marketing team requires a centralized content production model that improves every development aspect.  


  • Create Proof of concept for a brand and different communication channels 
  • Develop an intelligent content management framework and create a production environment. 
  • Deploy a flexible digital ecosystem for standardized content management based on the modular approach and master templates that can be localized globally. 

Solution & Impact 

As a result, we achieved to create a technology foundationthat supports the omnichannel communication system. The new-gen Digital Content Factory is designed to orchestrate platforms, processes, and people and support global and local content production pipelines. It helps to create, implement, and direct customer engagement materials at scale. 


A standardized content development process improved and accelerated the MLR process. Cost spending decreased by a quarter compared to previous results. Content reuse was increased by more than 30%. There’s no need to create materials from scratch and wait for their approval due to pre-approved assets and a modular content development approach. 

Thanks to the implemented translation feature and overall production acceleration with fastened MLR approvals, the time-to-market significantly decreased, affecting marketing campaigns’ results. 

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