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Success Story: Advanced Adobe-based Portal for HCPs

How do you ensure your content development process is always as effective as possible? Here at Viseven, we continually seek ways to optimize content production and delivery workflows. Sometimes, integrating existing technology with new advancements can be challenging. However, as you’ll see from this success story, everything is possible. The Viseven team assisted our client, a global company specializing in developing cutting-edge therapies in oncology and immunology, in developing the Adobe Experience Manager infrastructure. And we are ready to share the results with you. 

In the case study, you can learn more about how the Viseven team

  • Dealt with unaligned streams and poor cooperation that affected planning possibilities and resulted in severe budget issues; 
  • Removed the third-party dependencies in a short time; 
  • Assisted the client with aligning local initiatives, global marketing initiatives, and global technical initiatives; 
  • Resolved the issues with varying contract types that affected deadlines, resource allocation, priorities, and budget; 
  • Addressed the intertwined requests for visual and technical changes that created a hidden complexity where adjustments in one layer impacted the other, and vice versa; 
  • Developed a defined plan for quality control as the solution scaled up. 

Due to our collaboration, the client took control of all systems and services connected to the infrastructure. Both global and local processes were aligned according to the request. 

Access the case study now in just a few clicks!

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