Viseven ENGAGE

Effective face-to-face and remote communication in fields with Viseven CLM and CRM
Capture live customer feedback with dynamic KPIs and advanced analytics powered by Qlik Sense


Viseven is a powerful tandem of mobile CLM platform and smart backend CRM system, which allows to get the 360º customer view and grants the clear understanding of market share. The solutions empower to target the right person with the value, timely and credible information; track field forces productivity and materials efficiency; transform and optimize all the business processes.

Viseven CLM

  • Cross-platform CLM solution serves to face customers in fields and runs on iPad, Android and even Windows devices, powered by synchronization with a flexible CRM on the background.
  • Viseven CLM includes different kind of call forms to fit you sales reps field activities: HCP, Pharmacy, OTC, merchandizing, KAM, etc. It enables better customers' targeting, easier field activities monitoring and improved sales force reporting through dynamic KPIs tracking.
  • Database feed enables constant DB growth, real time validation and records update – with event functionality, built-in questionnaires, multichannel communication.

Viseven CRM

  • Call center integration helps to define the efficiency of your marketing and advertising efforts by measuring conversions from all the launched campaigns on various media and channels.
  • Built-in employee education solution – Viseven Stream – aims to ensure the mastering of systems and tools, product information, make the training process an ongoing one, establishing and developing high-level proficiency, knowledge retention, monitoring the knowledge base of the whole regions, teams or each separate employee.
  • High-performance analytics and BI platform integration, powered by Qlik technology, allows to visualize and transform data into quality insights with intuitive analytical dashboards.


  • Panoramic view of the client:

    360 degree marketing and complete understanding of how the message resonates through multiple channels.

  • Unified message streaming globally and locally:

    Synchronization of customer facing teams with a single message delivered through interactive content.

  • High-performance analytics and dashboards:

    Built-in industry best practices for field activities monitoring and optimization with flexible KPIs in place.

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