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Exciting Life Science Events: A Look Back at Q1 2024

Pharma events

We believe in the power of networking and human connection. Yes, we live in an era where technology transforms industries, but ultimately, it is human interactions that move the needle.

By attending events, we aim to engage with thought leaders to solve the barriers that life sciences companies face collaboratively. We are convinced that through united efforts, we can ensure a healthier future for patients worldwide. 

Without further ado, let’s reminisce about the events of the first quarter of 2024. Perhaps you will find them exciting and consider joining us next year! 

Digital Transformation in Life Science 

Pharma event

This event in Berlin was highly anticipated, as our CEO, Nataliya Andreychuk, was one of the speakers. During her thirty-minute presentation, she shed light on how digital solutions facilitate the customer journey. Her speech focused on the evolution of digital marketing solutions, encompassing the periods before, during, and after the global pandemic.  

Nataliya emphasized the crucial importance of storytelling in patients’ journeys to recovery. The goal was to show that life science content not only raises awareness among patient populations but also empowers individuals to overcome their unique challenges. 

Other speakers also delved into a range of interesting topics. For instance, one discussion centered on implementing organizational change, while another one was dedicated to accelerating digital transformation. Various experts shared recommendations drawn from their own experiences, providing invaluable insights for the audience. 

HLTH Roadshow

HLTH Roadshow

In March, we had a chance to attend HLTH Roadshow, an event focusing on digital health. It was an evening of talented DJs, delicious morsels, and important topics that could make a significant impact on the industry.  

This event in Warsaw felt more like a gathering of long-time friends who shared common interests and a genuine desire to support one another. Representing our team, Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO; Badr Tabat, Account Executive; Witold Gedymin, Account Director; and Alexandra Wypych, HR and Office Manager, discussed how marketing transformation saves lives by connecting patients with pharmaceuticals and healthcare professionals. 



Viseven was a Gold Partner at BioForum, another life science event in Poland that brought together over 450 participants under one roof! With over 150 companies from the field and 30 scientific institutes, we can safely say that it was one of the largest life science networking events in Europe.  

The organizers aimed to highlight the rising significance of biotechnology for the global and European economy. The speakers raised topics related to cell and genetic therapies, lingering on effective strategies for bringing biotechnological innovations from the lab to the market. More specifically, they discussed such aspects as commercializing research, conducting clinical trials, and the main challenges associated with bioproduction, along with potential solutions.  

Participants not only listened to experts answering these critical questions but also gained insights from successful real-life cases. Based on her experience as CEO of the international company, Nataliya Andreychuk shared the specifics of entering the US market, which is a number-one priority for the biotech sector. 

Reuters Pharma USA 2024 

Reuters Pharma USA

Reuters Pharma USA is the largest North America’s pharmaceutical event, and we are proud to be a part of it. This gathering focused on ensuring that life-saving treatments timely reach people who need them. As disparities in access to healthcare persist, pharma is challenged to find the way to improve their commercial model.  

During the event, attendees discussed how digital solutions help to empower HCPs with essential information and adjust to ever-evolving patients’ needs. The main takeaway: companies that resist change will eventually find themselves falling behind, failing to tackle challenges and barriers within the industry. 

Oksana Matviienko, Regional Director, and Leonardo Sanchez, AE Lead, joined 1,200 pioneering figures in North America’s life sciences sector to brainstorm ideas and infuse new perspectives into their organization’s business approaches and mindset.

We have been convinced time and again that Viseven is on the right track. By ensuring easier access to critical health information, we will improve access to healthcare as a whole! 

Adobe Summit 

Adobe Summit 

Last but certainly not least, there was Adobe Summit in the dazzling city of Las Vegas, United States, where we proudly took on the role of a Bronze Sponsor. The Viseven team enjoyed engaging in insightful discussions about the future of digital marketing. Drawing from our decade-long experience in the field, we were eager to share our knowledge and competence with other attendees.  

During the summit, speakers agreed that we are entering the era of “AI everything”. Back in 2017, many AI users were not even aware they were using this technology, but most of today’s companies fully recognize the benefits it brings to their table. Our team, comprised of Roman Vasylenko, CTO; Daniel Atieh, Head of Presale; and Max Samuel Gemma, Account Executive, delved deep into how AI is changing life sciences by providing unprecedented personalization, improving omnichannel journey, and ensuring seamless customer experience.  

All corporate events that took place in the first three months of this year gave us a bird’s-eye view of what is happening in the life sciences industry, not just in pharma marketing. We had a chance to position ourselves as experts while also acquiring a wealth of knowledge from other areas, like drug development or clinical research, which will enable us to solve MarTech challenges more holistically. 

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