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Viseven introduces Modular Content Lab [The Series]

Viseven Modular Content Lab

Modular content has been in the spotlight of many discussions in the pharma marketing community lately. Not only is it said to deliver the industry from chronic “ailments” like MLR hurdles, content production bottlenecks, and time-to-market anxieties – there are rumors this approach is capable of much more. ​

Fueling omnichannel ambitions with personalized content – and establishing value-based interactions – is the promising part. So, are there real insights from those who’ve already gone modular? Supposing you, as an innovation champion, wish to give the approach a try, where should you look? ​

Viseven has the answer. As the pioneers in the industry, we are launching a new series of webinars based on the experiences of actually implementing modular projects over the past several years.  

We have carefully collected first-hand accounts from people behind real-world modular projects, covering the essential aspects of this vast area. With this series of talks, we are creating a space where any professional can obtain the answers to their questions and unique concerns when it comes to going modular. The series will include three webinars highlighting the key subjects: ​

Session 1: From Segmentation to Personalization, From Messages to Experiences ​

What is behind personalization? First name, greetings? These are among the copy-pasted efforts but indeed not the eventual purpose. In fact, personalization is the correct speed allowing you to know exactly what your customers want at this moment and be there when they need you there. It is the language that is the most native to them – the personal touch that fosters loyalty. The more of such content you create – the more loyalty you gain. 

The issue of the highly regulated pharma world is that it is limited in its ambition to be that lightning-fast. With the rise of modular content, the industry anticipates it to solve the long-standing issue of being agile, adapting fast, and improving HCPs’ communication at each touchpoint. 

The first series of Modular Content Lab is devoted to the essence and future of modular content in pharma; all means allowing you to create content fast and to move further in your ambition to set a deeper level of personalization. We will discuss:

  • The 4 basics of personalization in pharma: Why the best practices cannot be simply copy-pasted 
  • Set of relevant principles to pharma segmentation
  • Building of proper business model (incl. HCP, patients, governance)​
  • How to cover the demand for a huge amount of digital content: why modular takes are required 

Session 2: Metadata Excellence and Tagging is set to take place in June

Session 3:  Standardizing Before You Diversify (The Forgotten Step) will be live in July

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Watch for our upcoming session announcements!

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