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Viseven at Reuters Events Pharma 2021

A new era makes us all change, poses challenges we don’t want to accept, makes us rapidly move forward. The speed of these changes can be daunting. But when life wants us to grow, it makes us change.

In the same manner, a newly relabelled Reuters Events Pharma 2021 (formerly eyeforpharma Barcelona) leaves the past behind and rushes into the future, the one where pharma’s potential is finally unleashed.

This time (October 11-22, 2021) the most senior and cross-functional commercial pharma event gathers more than 10 000 attendees, the best minds in pharma in order to set the record straight on the future of the pharma industry that has known so many modifications thought the year.

Learn more about this year’s know-hows, the ever-flexible agenda tailored to the attendees’ schedule, speakers, and attendees here.

One of the defining themes that will run through the entire conference is collaborations as your competitive advantage. Experiencing a series of changes being shoulder to shoulder with our clients, finding the answer, and accepting the challenges of a new decade together – Viseven can state that collaborative approaches will surely mark this decade.

Thus, on Thursday, 21st October, save the time (11:15 AM – 11:30 AM (CET)), find a place in your schedule to join the session “Building a Digital Content Factory to help accelerate content production for personalized customer engagement”. We promise many valuable insights on:

  • Why, amid this challenging time, pharma companies want to build their own Content Factories
  • How Digital Content Factory uses collaboratives approaches and helps to build a strong cross-functional team to establish large-scale content production across markets.
  • Successful Digital Content Factory checklist
  • How to create a content experience at scale
  • How it can elevate your brand in terms of personalization
  • And what opportunities for your brand can produce a Digital Content Factory

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