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Viseven at Digital Pharma East Conference

digital pharma east 2022

Here comes another great occasion to join the live discussion of the hottest digital marketing topics with the top pharma companies. Digital Pharma East is an innovative event that continues to bring together the best and brightest minds in pharma and life sciences. 

This year’s event is in Philadelphia, USA. One can look forward to inspiring speeches, insightful case studies, interesting panel discussions, and plenty of networking opportunities. 

Reunite with Global Pharma and Viseven Team

Speaking of networking, Digital Pharma East offers a great opportunity to connect and discuss all the marketing trends for pharma and life sciences. We are excited to be a part of this international event featuring speakers and attendees that help push the industry towards digitalization. 

Oksana Matviienko, Head of Growth, the Americas, will be joined by Maryna Alekseichuk, Head of Strategic Accounts at Viseven for the Digital Pharma East 2022 that will take place from October 18 – 20, 2022, in Philadelphia, USA.

This year’s event promises to bring the best education, networking, and training to the pharma marketing community. And attendees get many perks, including a special surprise from Viseven in the Omnichannel Track. 

Connect with Viseven at DPE

Whether you are a speaker, attendee, or presenter, we would like to hear from you. Learn more about Viseven, Our Products, and our Services during DPE in Philadelphia, USA. Connect with Oksana Matvieenko and Maryna Alekseichuk on the Digital Pharma East app. You may also send them a message via our Contact Us page.

At Digital Pharma East, the speakers will address hot topics like the new digital marketing trends, measuring customer engagement, the latest MarTech solutions, developing personalized and targeted content, and so much more! 

What is Digital Pharma East?

Digital Pharma East is an international conference for digital marketers in pharma and life sciences. At the event, you can meet some of the top marketers working in the industry, gain the latest insights on pharma marketing at one of the live panels, get acquainted with successful marketing cases, and learn about the latest best practices in digital marketing.

Digital Pharma East is organized by an influential international media outlet covering innovations in pharma – Fierce Pharma. At this year’s conference, the major topics of discussion will be HCP Engagement, Networking, Omnichannel Engagement, Patient Solutions, and other related marketing issues.

How to connect during Digital Pharma East?

Meeting Viseven at Digital Pharma East is easy! First of all, Oksana Matviienko and Maryna Alekseichuk will be there to connect, network, and talk about Viseven’s innovative ideas, products as well as services for the pharma and life sciences industries. Connect with Oksana and Maryna on LinkedIn or send a note to our public relations team at

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