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Viseven at Collision 2023, Toronto

viseven at collision 2023
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Viseven is ready
for Collision 2023

June 26 - 29, 2023
Enercare Centre
Toronto, Canada
viseven at collision 2023
Great chance to get to know
the team behind eWizard

Toronto is the place to be if you are looking for brilliant networking opportunities in the tech domain this summer.

Viseven is there, too! Maksym Savenko (AD/AM Lead), Michael DePalma, (Head of Client Engagement), Yuliya Sotska (Chief Brand and Communications Officer), and Sergii Tatachuk (Head of Digital) from our team are attending.

Yuliya Sotska is going to moderate two panels as part of HealthConf on June 29 and on the same day our 
team will present the flagship content experience platform: eWizard.

Find us at the BETA Section. Booth #B502.

" of the world’s biggest tech conferences”

More than forty thousand total attendees, huge media coverage, about a thousand investors, over two thousand startups… wow. Collision is huge!

One wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to meet the tech industry movers and shares from all over the world, learn, showcase their accomplishments, share experiences, and establish long-standing connections.

Viseven is showcasing our eWizard as well. 

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