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Viseven at 4th Annual Pharma AI Summit

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Exploring use cases and challenges:
4th Annual Pharma AI Summit

October 26 - 27, 2023
Leonardo Royal London St Paul's
London, UK
A closer look
at the most significant topics
for the sector

It is obvious that pharma cannot neglect the impact of AI.

Viseven is co-sponsoring the event, and Viseven CEO, Nataliya Andreychuk participates in a panel discussion of day 1 of the event:

Crucial Considerations: Navigating the Ethical Terrain of Privacy, Transparency and Regulation

• Ensuring robust data privacy measures while harnessing the power of AI
• Addressing ethical concerns regarding patient data collection, consent, and the potential for reidentification in anonymized datasets.
• Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape for AI-driven pharmaceutical applications
• The role of regulatory agencies in ensuring ethical AI practices 

Natalya Andreychuk | CEO | Viseven
Sandeep Mora | Innovation Technology Lead | Boehringer-Ingelheim
Marco Palladino | Head of Ethical Innovation & Privacy | EUCAN | Takeda
Margi Sheth | Director Data Policy | AstraZeneca

Honored to share the stage with colleagues from all over the world! See you on 26.10.2023, 17:30.

Conference Overview
4th Annual Pharma AI Summit

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, impacting drug discovery, workforce, and patient involvement. The conference will feature industry leaders discussing the potential of AI in improving various processes from drug discovery to clinical trials.

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