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Supercharging Communication: How Modular Content Can Improve Your Connection with Clients

how modular content can improve your connection with clients

We are very excited to see you join us for an upcoming webinar dedicated to the modular content approach and its business advantages.

Pharmaceutical companies often face communication issues when dealing with clients. As the main purpose of any business marketing is to deliver its message to the end user, it becomes a number one priority to design a proper communication flow. Medical representatives and marketers usually spend too much time and energy on creating a piece of content that should be consistent with the company’s key thesis. A lack of time during face-to-face meetings, high drop rates of opened emails, and missing deadlines for campaign launch increase time-to-market, and, as a result, the production costs — these issues are just the tip of the iceberg of hurdles that affects the pharma businesses. 

This is where a modular approach comes in — a content framework that helps to organize and structure the communication possibilities of your marketing team. It may look rather simple from the first look — the ordinary box of the necessary information. However, it is a highly flexible piece of content that can be adapted for almost every communication channel, including eDetailing presentations, email campaigns, and many more. Being so flexible and determined at the same time means being personalized for every issue according to the initial request.

This webinar is dedicated to the business solutions and ideas that come along with implementing a high-quality modular content development and distribution flow. A modular approach can be applied to a variety of marketing activities, becoming a strong and flexible solution for content development and omnichannel strategies, from email marketing campaigns to Medical, Legal, and Regulatory review. From reducing content development and production costs to creating a stable and smart ecosystem that makes communication with healthcare representatives easy for both pharma companies and HCP.

We are going to discuss how exactly the modular approach can be implemented and used in an everyday pharma marketing routine; how modular content helps to improve MLR approval rate and increase time-to-market, and many other topics.

The webinar will feature: 

  • Nataliya Andriychuk, CEO at Viseven 
  • René Kräling, Managing Consultant at Campana & Schott
  • Julian Hecker, Digital & Content Strategy Lead at Bayer AG
  • Daniel Lorenz, Content & Campaign Operations Manager Radiology at Bayer AG

Please, fill out the form below to request a recording and learn more about improving communication from both customer and business perspectives.

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