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Modular content roadmap: how to reach goals, targets, KPIs, and more

modular content roadmap

Viseven announces a comprehensive masterclass dedicated to the modular approach in pharma marketing. Join the “Modular content roadmap: how to reach goals, targets, KPIs, and more” on November 9, 2022, at 3 PM CET, powered by Viseven in cooperation with Next Pharma.

What is the Masterclass about?

During the Masterclass, you can expect to learn how the leading pharma marketers manage to optimize content management practices and increase the KPIs drastically, utilizing modular strategies in conjunction with omnichannel marketing and change management.

Top Viseven modular experts will lead you through the introduction to the modular approach, its basic principles, and the sure-fire benefits it brings for marketers.

The masterclass attendees will learn from Viseven’s top minds, including the company’s CEO, Nataliya Andriychuk. Check out the schedule below:

Register for “Modular Content Roadmap: how to reach goals, targets, KPIs, and more.”


  • Keynote Address

Nataliya Andriychuk, CEO at Viseven

  • Improve Client Relationships and Foster Loyalty: The Importance of Delivering Personalized Dynamic Customer Engagement

Pavel Klymenko, Head of Omnichannel/Multichannel Excellence, joins Nataliya Andreychuk for a discussion on Personalized Dynamic Customer Engagement, talking about the right questions to ask and steps to take to exceed your client’s expectations.

  • Forget the Zero and Become an Omnichannel Hero

Pavel Klymenko will address the best practices in Omnichannel marketing that will help you go from zero to hero.

  • Why Modular Content is a Big Deal (Still!)

Maryna Alekseichuk, Head of Strategic Accounts, and Anna Malivska, Area Product Owner, pick up the discussion with a deeper dive into Modular content: what it is, why we need it, what a module is, responsible consumption, and reuse are among the key topics to be addressed.

  • Begin a Courageous Journey with Change Management

The key role change management plays on the way to modular: Cecilia Baeza-Castro, Change Manager at Viseven, and Anastasiia Tykhonova, Viseven CMO, will continue the Masterclass with tips and tricks on implementing the right change management approach.

  • The Future of Content Creation: Let’s go on a Modular Adventure

Standardizing, Tagging, Dam System Setup, Global Content Creation, and much more: how to get to your destination on the modular content roadmap. Oksana Matviienko, Head of Regional Growth, and Denys Melnychuk, Lead Product Manager, will take the audience on an exciting trip into the modular content world.

  • AI in Pharma Marketing: is it a fad or here to stay?

Nataliya Andreychuk (and a special guest) will be rounding up the Masterclass. What does the future hold for pharma marketing, how to scale, and what role AI plays in the big picture?

During the Masterclass, Viseven will highlight some of the key questions that our clients have about the modular approach and its implementation:

  • Defining and recognizing opportunities within the system for implementing the modular approach.
  • How does the modular approach pair with the omnichannel strategy?
  • Content reuse, standardization, and tagging.
  • Responsible for content production and consumption.
  • Audit and measuring success.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about advanced marketing practices and MarTech solutions for pharma firsthand from the top experts in the field. Register for the Masterclass right now, so you won’t miss any insights and tips from the Viseven team. And don’t hesitate to learn more about Viseven MarTeach solutions and the latest innovations in the field.

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