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Are you looking to find out more about modular content? Do you want to know the latest insights into metadata and tagging? Then our second session of the Modular Content Lab series is the right webinar for you.

The Metadata Excellence and Tagging session on June 8 at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST hosted by Oksana Matviienko, Head of Regional Growth, Americas focused on all the tips and tricks associated with tagging and metadata.

Our special guest Denys Melnychuk, Lead Product Manager at Viseven shared valuable insights and his personal favorites when it comes to working with metadata.

Modular Content Lab: The Series aims to shed light on what exactly modular content is and answer the pharmaceutical community’s most common questions about implementation and management. Although the modular approach is perfect for passing MLR approval hurdles and reducing TTM, we’d like to demonstrate the other qualities of modules. So, our sessions are created with the help of the people behind real-world modular projects, covering the essential aspects of this vast area.

You can check the first session hosted by Head of Growth, Americas – Oksana Matviienko, and Account Executive for the Americas Leonardo Sanchez here with a special guest – Viseven’s Head of Omnichannel Excellence, Pavel Klymenko.

The Metadata Excellence and Tagging session was dedicated to the technical environment and creating tagging ecosystem within the organization. The tagging helps to process brand digital content, auto tag it, analyze, and optimize it for comfortable content planning, development, and distribution. It means finding relevant content in a few clicks for users without a manual search. The main topics:

  • Researchability and findability of the materials
  • Possibility to track the content

Do not forget to join us in July for the third and final session of Modular Content Lab. This time we will focus on Standardizing Before You Diversify (The Forgotten Step). We are looking forward to seeing you on July 13 at 12 PM EST.

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