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Modular content insights: launch, create, and experiment

modular content insights

Today, marketing professionals constantly look for new ways to make the client experience more personalized. Simultaneously, marketers and content creators experience an immediate need for more advanced methods allowing more intuitive, structured production and new solutions that will help reduce human labor time by employing subtle semantic-based tagging and AI-based automation. But do all the marketers and creative agencies have a state of mind that will easily accept the change?

Within the pharma and life sciences industry, the pursuit for excellence is strong among big pharma players, but sometimes even the market leaders may need to pay more attention to the value of some solutions and technologies. That’s why the upcoming webinar will gather some of the industry’s established experts who will reflect on several topics concerning modular content: the real value for pharma, what marketers need to know about it, and how it can help you to enhance your communication with clients and HCPs.

What Modular Content Insights are you about to learn?

On the upcoming joint webinar, Viseven’s CEO Nataliya Andreychuk, together with Emma Hyland, VP Strategy, Commercial Content at Veeva Systems, and Fabienne Vanderpoel, Senior Director, Global Head Content Excellence at Merck Healthcare KGaA, moderated by Yuliya Sotska, Head of Public Relations, Viseven will discuss modular content in pharma.

The online event is scheduled for March 3rd at 4 PM CET.

Webinar Schedule and Major Topics

The speakers will go through topics of major current tendencies, industry-related challenges, and benefits that companies can get from next-level, prediction-driven marketing technologies. Expect to hear about:

What is modular content, and why should we care

Change management and best practices

The agency’s role in implementing modular content

The future of modular content

In addition, Nataliya, Emma, and Fabienne will reflect on many related marketing issues, like personalization within the modular approach, the role of AI in content production, and how to introduce the benefits of new technologies to the marketing teams. Also, webinar attendees can address their questions to the speakers after the discussion.

How to Take Part in the Webinar?

Anyone interested in modular content solutions for pharma and life sciences can participate in the webinar by clicking on the button below and filling out the form.

All the participants also will have a unique opportunity to get their hands on exclusive handouts for webinar attendees, including infographics, case studies, and white papers. Also, feel free to address any questions regarding our upcoming events or products.

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