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Digital Pharma Innovation Week 2021

Digital Pharma Innovation Week 2021

Start the summer plunging deep into the sea of fierce digital innovations that are about to change pharma’s DNA. Professionals from across the world come to celebrate them, see them, and experience their innovative power at the second virtual Digital Pharma Innovation Week.

Over 4 days of #DPIWeek 2021, dive deep into the most talked about practices of pharma industry leaders and the promising niche ideas that are floating around pharma lobbies. Enjoy hot live discussions, roundtables, and, above all, lots of information with vast content hubs of multimedia content directly from table discussions. The agenda revolves around key pharma’s areas:

  • Tuesday, June 15: HCP Engagement
  • Wednesday, June 16: Patient Solutions
  • Thursday, June 17: Omnichannel Engagement
  • Friday, June 18: General Sessions

Viseven at Digital Pharma Innovation Week

Viseven adds to the wave of innovations and presents something special.

Experts from Veeva and Viseven will introduce the most intriguing possibilities in content management that allow to address pharmas’ long-standing issues with MLR, as well as make agencies more efficient and integrated into the ecosystem.

During our session “Supercharging customer interactions with intelligent modular content” on June 17, you will get an answer to the questions you have asked for a long time:

  • What makes the introduction of intelligent modular content a real turning point in pharmaceutical communications?
  • How do smart tagging and cross-channel analytics improve life sciences’ content strategy for more personalization and efficiency?
  • What change management effort can you expect to make modular content real?

Session speakers:

Pooja Ojala, Veeva
VP, Commercial Content

Pooja Ojala is responsible for commercial content strategy at Veeva, including customer engagement, market adoption and direction, and strategic alliances. Pooja has more than 20 years of experience enabling life sciences organizations to establish and evolve their content businesses in highly complex environments. Prior to joining Veeva, Pooja led the global content practice at Cognizant. She also spent 16 years at Accenture as the head of North America content services within Accenture Interactive.

Nataliya Andreychuk
CEO at Viseven

Nataliya Andreychuk is one of the top experts in digital pharma marketing and Digital Content Factory implementation for pharmaceuticals and life sciences for over a decade. Her concept behind the Viseven company has been always directed towards bringing high-quality and reliable products in the heavily regulated industry (such as Pharma) to meet the diverse marketing demands of customers. Nataliya has been contributing her ten years’ expertise to the development of smart digital solutions and software, which are now serving clients in over 70 global markets, delivering intelligent, personalized content across channels, platforms, and countries. During her professional career as the chief executive, Viseven has grown from a startup into a global company with a team of 450+ specialists from all over the world.

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