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Digital Content Factory: Manufacture Content and Get Opportunities

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They say, if you see a factory in a dream, it only means that in reality, you have great ambitions and a desire to achieve something great. That’s probably the dream of many pharma managers as the race for state-of-the-art solutions to run digital transformation in life sciences goes on. Let’s talk about why pharma leaders have chosen this challenging time to build their dream content factories, what they represent in reality and how to make them easily manufacture content and opportunities.

What is the Digital Content Factory? Why everyone in pharma is trying to create one?

2020 was like a lucid dream, however, the manifestos it declared have transferred to reality and drastically changed our minds. One of such manifestos is a more critical look at the content that we deliver to our audience. In 2020, healthcare spent 33% of their budgets on content. By 2030, Digital Content Creation Market is expected to reach a global size of US$ 38.2 billion.

Pharma companies are currently producing a massive amount of digital content—and the demand is growing. Therefore, the content in the 2020s is destined to become more interactive, engaging, and, without doubt, connected.

Digital transformation goes hand in hand with omnichannel technologies. Today it entered the pharma mainstream as a key component to deliver top-notch experiences to the HCPs. In a perfect dream, all the components needed for efficient omnichannel content management would be globally accessible and integrated. In reality, however, omnichannel content production requires a whole chain of dedicated professionals.

Therefore, pharmaceutical companies currently face numerous challenges to produce relevant content for the target audience. According to 2020 Content Management & Strategy Survey, 78% of marketers say their organization takes a strategic approach to managing content. However, 73% of them also report they either don’t have the technology in place to strategically manage content across the enterprise or they aren’t fully using the technology they have.

The aspiration to produce large amounts of omnichannel content has provoked a race for effective digital solutions and encouraged more collaborative approaches between organizations to tackle global challenges by joint efforts.

Digital Content Factory stands out as the solution that provides frequent, agile, and extensive content production for pharma through symbiotic collaboration between the pharma company and agency-partner.

A solution covers the entire content lifecycle, encourages content reuse, agile content production, and most importantly, enables the accomplished-on-the-market companies to drive digital transformation globally and locally.

Such a model provides a single approach to content management, where a team of specialists takes on all issues related to content production, which allows pharma companies to spend more time on creative and strategic work and less time on routine tasks.

Viseven Group is a well-grounded engineer of Digital Content Factories, therefore this information was just a sneak peek. With several excellent examples currently working for our customers, now we will tell you what it represents in action and how to make it work for your success.

Digital Content Factory in Action

Digital Content Factory is a comprehensive set of solutions that cares for all aspects of interactive content management. Vibrant omnichannel presence for pharma takes a lot. Such content factory is a symbiosis of technological power in the form of a best-of-the-bread platform for content creation and creative minds of omnichannel experts: Digital solution managers, Brand managers, Sales departments, MLR, etc. These people ensure something more than just the right amount of content but also make it circulate through the omnichannel system in a cohesive, customer-centered way.

A Factory establishing a working ecosystem that connects the customer with a network of agencies to comply with unified benchmarks and corporate requirements. It allows the teams of content creators to accelerate and clarify content-related workflows of customers on global and local levels.

How to make a Digital Content Factory work. 5 Principles

1.  Organizational alignment

The success behind a Digital Content Factory is a strong cross-enterprise team. In fact, it is liaisons working alongside Global Team, Digital Agencies, and Local Teams. Just like the factory workers, they use the same set of tools to produce successful reusable digital assets. Smart distribution of tasks fosters transparency and close communication. This, in turn, provides quick reacting and minimizing the risk of disruption to the content supply chain.

2.  Content management

72% of marketers see content as a core business strategy for their organization. At the same time, pharma content development is a time consuming, expensive process that takes a lot of effort at each stage of genesis. That’s why smart content management presupposes a flexible use of digital assets. It doesn’t happen overnight, however, it has been noticed that pharma companies that constantly improve their content creation process end up becoming more successful. Here we are speaking of versioning and the content reuse that could be provided by the modular approach. Such practice allows delivering more types of content in a shorter timeframe with its deep content editing potential and a library of approved digital assets to be reused. This is the strategic approach to supply content in the amounts required – while maintaining quality.

3.  Aligned processes across global and local affiliates

The coherent content development process and the evolution towards omnichannel for each organization are truly starts within. With the implementation of new marketing tools, the desynchronization between global and local affiliates may occur at each step. Certain technologies may simply not work across all affiliates and regions. This factor may strongly disrupt a content supply chain in your organization. That’s why it is strongly recommended to scale properly the process from global to local affiliates.

4.  Single standard and unity

Brilliant work starts with the correct problem definition. That’s why many organizations are sticking to the single standard on the development of digital assets across the organization. 89% of marketers said their organization has style and brand guidelines in place. It shows how important it is to provide efficiency following the in-place standards of content development. These standards consist of clear requirements and guidelines, which cover all the stages of the content lifecycle and include:

  • fixed and consistent pricing across markets
  • preset project timelines
  • single development standard
  • guidelines on projects execution and delivery that help to eliminate errors

5.  Single workspace

Along the process of joint content production, it is crucial to take care of a more collaborative, united workspace for everyone involved in the process. The availability of the right technology for content creation and data management in place provides better communication and agile content workflows across the organization. As a result, more collaborative space is generated for the teams and clients to work together on each step of the content lifecycle.

What we offer

Viseven Digital Content Factory is the smart business solutions that allows investing in creativity and running digital transformation along with a team of dedicated professionals who root for your success.

The choice of a content authoring solution is crucial along the way. eWizard platform is an engine that powers Viseven Digital Content Factory. This is built upon a modular approach, the epitome of flexibility with its deep content editing and a library of approved digital assets to be reused. It is the direct way to supply the content in the amounts required – while maintaining quality.

Digital transformation is not just about tech, it is also about human talent. While eWizard takes care of the technical component, and the dedicated team make sure that all the requirements of the customer are fulfilled accurately on time. This is a powerful duo providing an integrated channel approach to efficient content management, removing internal barriers, and align systems and processes globally.

Viseven Digital Content Factory provides our pharma customers with:

  • 50% reductionof the content production cost
  • Single development standard across agency ecosystem
  • Facilitated communication & access to global assets
  • Elimination of internal barriers, aligned systems and process globally
  • A single approach to content management across all brands, channels, and markets
  • Content reuse, repurpose, and localization
  • Worldwide distribution around affiliates
  • Integration with recognized systems like Veeva, IQVIA, or
  • More time on creativity, less time for routine tasks

Did you wake up with an idea to change something? It’s never too late to leave the world of vivid dreamers and dare to fulfill the most ambitious ideas and plans here and now. Put your plan into action. 

To measure the effectiveness of Digital Content Factory – get a free copy of our latest case study, introducing the real-world case about a successful implementation of this model by one of our TOP-50 pharmaceutical clients. 

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