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Digital Content Factory

Strategic approach to digital leadership

Enable rapid updates and simplify localization

Reduce go-to-market time and cut production costs

Empower your Digital Content
Factory with eWizard

One-click access to approved digital assets and content

Enable transparent communication and facilitate review

Empower your Digital Content
Factory with eWizard

Digital Content Factory is a new type of cooperation
between Global Marketing Team, Local Teams
and Digital Agencies


  • No strong understanding of globally used assets;

  • Content lifecycle is decreasing while the need to personalize is growing;
  • Slow approval process with discussing & finalizing the presentation in static design;
  • Heavy investments while transition to the new systems;
  • Preview presentations only in .pdf & .ppt format.

Key functionality:

  • One-click access to global interactive assets;
  • Localization for specific markets;
  • Interactive review and commenting mode with two-way email notifications;
  • Variety of multipurpose industry specific templates;
  • Effortless text and image change;
  • Direct connection to Veeva PromoMats or any DAM.


  • Create content 4 times faster;
  • Save 50% on localization and updates;

  • Translate to any language with Transperfect connector;

  • Access, preview and reuse global presentations;

  • Use Veeva PromoMats as a single source of approved assets.

Veeva integration:

  • Veeva CLM

  • Veeva PromoMats

  • Veeva Approved Email

  • Veeva CoBrowse

System compatibility:


  • Agnitio

See in action

Digital Content Manager

is responsible for creation of all types of content;
serves as an liaison between Agency & Internal Marketing Team

Building a cross-functional team
eWizard supports each role

Digital Manager

supervises channel choice for content distribution;

Building a cross-functional team
eWizard supports each role

Brand and Product Managers

gets helicopter view of available content and channels – reviews, approves, comments;

Building a cross-functional team
eWizard supports each role

Viseven Digital Content Factory Services

Content Factory
Promotional strategy & channels
Brand strategy and rebranding
Concept and content plan creation
Design creation
Medical expertise
Copy writer
HTML5 development service
Localization & adaptation
CLM adaptation and migration
Technology architecture building & analysis
Infrastructure set-up
Technical coordination
Content distribution
Education – trainings & workshops
Social Media Marketing
Business analysis & prediction

Why choose Digital Content Factory:


Unlock the full potential of Digital for maximum productivity and an addictive user experience.
Develop multichannel capabilities to tackle the digitalization challenge.


Facilitate collaboration between Global Marketing Team, Local Teams and Digital Factory.


Solve the scalability challenge with a platform that supports decentralized execution with centralized governance. Give Global Departments, local markets and digital agencies the freedom they need within the framework.


Reduce costs and drive efficiency by standardizing processes based on eWizard platform that enables easy reuse of content, components and skillsets. Save your budget and time for eDetailing development and respond to any market changes much faster.

Align your business processes with tech innovations