Innovative ft. traditional technology solutions for product promotion in fields

Thursday, 17 September 2015

No one wants to lag behind anyone else. On the contrary, we are trying to win any competition – as we are used to believe, the winner takes it all. We are not mistaken: those who do their best – get their most. The vivid example of that is a modern technology world, which dictates the only rule: either you keep up with the trends, or are thrown out the sphere of influence.


During our next live discussion, we are going to dwell on the possible ways to outperform the competitors – just by using smart and handy technology solutions. To be more persuasive, we’ll compare the examples of traditional detailing and interactive presentations. Also, we’ll touch upon the factors, which influence the successful communication with each of the stakeholders and SFE increase.


Discover how to optimize and boost your sales team productivity, likewise engage customers into dialogue and achieve their adherence. Get more details about turning potential customers into brand advocates at our free webinar on September 17th at 4 PM MSK. Reserve your seat here right now.


NB! The webinar will be conducted in Russian.

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