How to optimize rep-induced channel use with better tools, training and sales content management

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Despite of the common belief that digital solutions can replace med reps in the nearest future and breathe new life into remote communication, the recent researches prove more than 50% of customers still prefer face-to-face interactions. Yet, some pharma brands still cannot decide between different tools that can improve sales forces’ efficiency and empower smarter and quicker communication with physicians and pharmacists.

During our next live session, we will dwell on the powerful digital solutions to streamlining medical representatives’ everyday activities. Our experts will demonstrate you how to cut down costs on field forces’ training and drive better knowledge retention at the same time. Except that, we will touch upon rapid content creation, editing and localization system, which allows to quickly update the materials according to customer feedback and arm the medical representatives with highly relevant digital content.

Sign up for our free webinar on October 22nd, 3 PM CEST and discover the ultimate set of digital solutions for increasing sales force efficiency and taking your marketing strategy to the next level. 

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