Friday, 29 May 2015

Customer behavior is constantly changing, challenging you to develop extremely flexible digital strategy. To improve the quality of your services, you need to be able to rapidly optimize the sales force efforts. Besides, to stay several steps ahead of the competition, you should constantly track market demands, analyze them and adapt the materials for product promotion to the burning customer needs.

Currently, there exist many technology solutions for efficient pharmaceutical product promotion, but do they contribute to flexibility of the digital strategy?

Viseven CLM is an ultimate solution to maximize the efficiency of eDetailing demonstration due to the dynamic KPIs. The latter help to collect feedback directly at a face-to-face call, synchronize captured data with any CRM system and perform its analysis with advanced reporting. Thus, you can see the progress in comparison with the previous calls and update your materials to match your customer needs instantly.

Sign up our free webinar on May 29th at 3 p.m. MSK and our experts will show you how to turn your eDetailing into the powerful tool for digital communication with the target audience.

NB! The webinar will be conducted in Russian.

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