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Viseven is a dedicated team of tech geeks and marketing gurus, who strive for making customer’s lives better. Here at Viseven, we believe that only warm and friendly atmosphere can contribute to the highest-level performance and results, likewise customer satisfaction. That’s why we heartily call ourselves the Viseven family.

We know that our success is impossible without our customer’s success. That’s why we provide extensive support on each step of their customer journey.

We are sure that to become a top-notch expert, you should never stop learning. Here’s why we provide in-house trainings and attend leading industry events on a regular basis.

We make sure that each suggestion or idea is heard and every employee feels a part of the big global team, creating innovation for our customer and shares success.

In the end of the day, we all play to win and have the full right to celebrate success, big or small, so we praise team dedication and commitment.

Python Developer

Zhytomyr, Ukraine.
Know the exact difference between SQLAlchemy and Django ORM? Enjoy writing in Django, Flask and/or aiohttp? Then, Python Developer position in Viseven might be within the scope of your ambition!

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DevOps/System Administrator

Zhytomyr, Ukraine.
Is “Troubleshooter” your middle name? Do you know how to perform complex Linux and Windows admin activities? Don’t mind explaining things over and over to users with a diverse scope of computer skills? Ready to take up a role of a System Administrator and support Viseven's internal IT backbone?

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Digital Marketing Expert

Zhytomyr, Ukraine.
Are you ready to implement the most daring digital marketing campaigns? Do you have command of cutting-edge email marketing and SEO techniques? Is your English above and beyond? Then, Digital Marketing Expert position in the Viseven Company is your perfect match!

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Technical Writer

Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

Do you have a natural talent for explaining? Got the hang of structurizing, itemizing and clustering into chapters? Have good practical understanding of how software (and English grammar) works? You can join our team as a Technical Writer!

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Agile Project Manager

Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

We’re looking for a goal-oriented, passionate about his work and instantly looking for self-improvement and ways to work more efficiently Agile Project Manager, who has embraced the brave new world of Agile software development and Agile project management. You will perfectly fit the position if your skills include monitoring the project from initiation through delivery; assembling project team, assigning individual responsibilities, identifying appropriate resources needed, planning and developing schedules to ensure timely completion of project, as well as compliance with company strategy, commitments and goals.

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Full Stack Developer

Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

Are you a seasoned coding guru? Somewhat of a coding language polyglot? Following the latest trends in JS/PHP/Ruby, etc. for fun? We are on the lookout for ambitious and talented developers to join us. Welcome aboard!

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Business Analyst

Zhytomyr, Ukraine.
Are you fond of data processing? Do you have enough expertise to suggest possible ways of products improvement, based on deep market analysis? We have prepared an ideal position for you, where you will be able to ensure that requirements are addressed before a technical solution is designed and implemented. Join Viseven team as Business Analyst and open unlimited career opportunities!

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99 Peremohy street
Zhytomyr, 10003
Landline/Fax: +380 412 425 904
Email: hr@viseven.com