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Today pharma and life sciences can succeed only if data management is maintained at the proper level. Especially when it comes to clinical data, it should be managed from your target audiences’ perspective, according to their preferences and intents.

Yet an urge to be one step ahead is the challenge for pharma market now.  For that reason, a powerful CRM database is what helps turn that patient-centricity approach to reality, executing every aspect of your content strategy just at the right time and in the right manner.

With a proper choice of CRM system, you can create a holistic customer-centric experience, no matter what type of communication channel or device is used.

An integrated end-to-end solution Veeva CRM allows coordinating all your digital assets in a single repository in order to maintain effective customer relationships. Veeva CRM ensures a seamless creation of the whole lifecycle of your eDetailing or email campaign.

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Open new avenues for remote interactions with Veeva CRM Engage Family (and Veeva CoBrowse)

Armed with Veeva CRM Engage, you’re no more limited in sharing multichannel content.

Remote meetings with HCPs become more compliant, without losing the touch of personalization and flexibility of a real communication.

Veeva CRM Engage online meetings, as part of pharma reps’ workflow, enable conducting remote visits with HCPs audience in an effective and “natural” manner, allowing an easy reuse of CLM content that could be represented from the iPad and Windows tablet devices.

The algorithm is flawless. Reps can reach physicians in a matter of a few clicks along with sending a compliant email, whereas HCPs might join a session by using a link. Besides, all data is immediately captured to Veeva CRM after each remote visit. As well as Veeva Engage, Veeva CoBrowse aims to ease online sessions with HCPs according to their schedule.

CoBrowse is plugged into Veeva multichannel CRM and allows physicians to join the meeting with pharma representatives from any device or location.

Screen share, follow-up emails, real time insights, the latest approved materials, ensured compliance – all of these play their significant role in accelerating the process of pharma adaptation to rapidly changing medical environment.

As a result, HCPs-med reps collaboration is not disappearing, but vice versa, transforming into something more valuable. This is where a real multichannel dialog starts.

Veeva CRM Suite expands its facilities for mobile users

Why Veeva CRM is the most preferable by field teams? First and foremost, thanks to its:

  • Mobility
  • Full-fledged multichannel suite
  • Data-driven insights constantly updated in a real-time mode
  • Advanced analytics

… And here’s how to make filed forces to be even more productive on the go.

An average HCP spends at least a few hours of working routine using mobile devices. Today more and more physicians prefer to communicate with pharma digitally. This is also proven by the rapid growth of mobile mHealth use.

The point is how to adapt (“squeeze”) all the services to mobile screen, let’s say to create a kind of “deviceless” access. Physical location is no more a stumbling block for field reps to effectively manage their accounts, as well as for sales teams to be timely informed of updated insights with an access to the relevant content.

More personalized experience with Veeva Approved emails

The quality of HCP engagement is determined by the dynamic nature of your digital assets; in other words, by the level of their reusability across devices and channels. As a consequence, this reusability determines how your audience will resonate with your content.

However, email remains key channel to be optimized first as a stepping-stone that unites all the other channels. With Veeva Approved Emails, you can promote your brand in a form of a real-time discussion and attain that desirable behavioral change in pharma-physician relationships.

Here’s a need to drive smarter actions

Evolve your Veeva expertise with wise integration. Viseven Group being a certified level 4 Veeva partner in multichannel content creation and a certified Veeva CRM Administrator, provide the full cycle of services related to content management and Veeva CRM settings.

A unique solution eWizard platform is plugged into Veeva products and provides a full Veeva suite integration for successful multichannel content workflow. Once you have your eDetailer or email completed and approved, you can easily distribute it via multiple channels (export to CLM, CRM or publish it as an app).

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To augment custom data visualization capabilities and drive more actionable insights just at the point of planning and field teams decision making, give it a try with Veeva CRM MyInsights dashboards.

Viseven team of experts, as a certified Veeva MyInsights vendor, can create additional visualizations and a wide bunch of pre-built dashboards that immediately delivered to Veeva CRM for further execution. This integration allows to create dashboards of any complexity with the help of predesigned components (like charts, graphs, tables, etc.) along with up-to-date interactive representation of each and every activity.

Simply put, Veeva solutions are designed to empower your filed forces through multichannel interactions. Finally, you can benefit from each opportunity Veeva CRM suite provides, while handling all the stages of your eDetailing production on a single platform. Contact our experts in omnichannel content development for further information.

Ready to level up your Veeva qualification? Feel free to make an inquiry on our website and request a free demo to find out more about how to start orchestrating highly personalized customer experience with Veeva multichannel capabilities.