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Viseven is a Certified Veeva CRM MyInsights Partner

Myinsights Gap

February 19th, 2018Upon fulfilling a series of business-focused criteria, Viseven Group has successfully achieved the top level of Veeva Certification Program, namely – Veeva CRM MyInsights Partnership.

Visualizing data has long been on every pharma company’s A-list as a catalyzer for enabling efficient decision-making process for their marketing and sales teams. It comes as no surprise that Viseven Group, empowered by eWizard platform and long-term partnership with Veeva Systems, strives to be in the line of such visualization tools as MyInsights analytics to continue delivering excellent service to its customers through emerging technologies.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven:

 “MyInsights dashboards are aimed to become a stepping stone for every sales team, who is determined to build valuable relationships with their key accounts. By bringing understanding of key customer behaviour patterns and finding the right kind of response to their needs, this technology enables teams to generate unprecendented business impacts. Therefore, we are happy to will have provided pharma sales teams with such opportunities for growing reciprocity and achieving outstanding customer satisfaction rates.

We are excited to have acquired the status of a distinguished partner and I am pleased to confirm that our teams have been putting their best efforts to this end. On top of that, our work with Veeva has been a great and mutually inspiring journey, thus, we are looking forward to further steps of this prosperous partnership”.

Customer experience expectations have skyrocketed in all industries – naturally, not leaving out pharmaceuticals and healthcare. As it has been repeated and backed up by evidence countless times at VEMCS 2017, pharma is looking for ways to deliver more individualized experiences, and at the ever-fast pace. This concerns not only healthcare professionals as pharma’s first recipients, but also industry’s internal teams – marketing, sales, brand and product managers. This illustrates an acute need to streamline pharmas’ day-to-day operations with data: in all the ways the industry accumulates, presents, analyzes, and uses it for the benefit of its customers.

Veeva CRM MyInsights fills that gap of by empowering teams’ decision-making processes with perceptible dashboards of data, accessible at the right place at the right time. Ensuring best customer experience and presenting actionable digital content is the way to go. And we are pleased to help driving performance by leveraging content better and faster with Veeva CRM MyInsights.

By using MyInsights analytics, you have the room for maneuver of using pre-built dashboards with the basic characteristics or crafting tailored dash​​​boards to correspond to your custom requirements. Whatever will be the choice, the dashboard will plug into the CRM universe of data that your customers have provided you with and enhance your decision-making process by creating a visually appealing representation of necessary indicators. The dashboard will optimize marketing and KAM teams’ performance with accumulated, properly displayed, powerful and customizable data for engagement analysis.

Besides all customer experience opportunities that eDetailing, Approved Email, and Remote Detailing give – which Viseven is equally certified for – Veeva CRM MyInsights comes naturally as your next big step in creating up-to-date engagement strategy. Here’s a video sneak peek of what Veeva MyInshights can do for you in collaboration with eWizard.

By holding customer experience in high respect, we made sure that the moment, when our eWizard platform will be able to perform such outstanding analytics performances is not far on the horizon. Drop us a line to see the ways of empowering your business excellence with actionable insights, which Veeva CRM MyInsights solution helpfully provides.