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Viseven Certified as a Level 4 Multichannel Content Partner

May 18th, 2018 – Upon adhering to a series of comprehensive review-and-approval procedures, Viseven Group has acquired the highest level of proficiency across Veeva System’s products within the scope of Multichannel Content Partnership. 

The attained Level 4 of Certification encompasses a full cycle of digital content creation: from CLM and eDetailing to tangible email consistency, self-detailing, remote detailing and analytical dashboards – demonstrating Viseven’s full expertize and scope of content creation capacity. By integrating its potential with a global leader of cloud-based multichannel solutions, Viseven is able to empower lifescience and pharma companies to intensify, extend and improve their relationships with physicians and, as a direct consequence of digital content use, patients.

We have been walking side-by-side with Veeva from the very beginning of our 8-year long path towards becoming a self-sufficient Digital Content Factory. The customers’ expectations towards digital content are raising every day – and so are our global expertize and competence, inevitably. A smarter and more integrated use of technology will support us on our way of improving at meeting our customers’ needs. Which is what our @veevasystems certification is all about – says Viseven’s CEO

It is of great significance to us that Veeva remains among main gear-wheels of Viseven’s Digital Content Factory, which is powered by eWizard platform. Needless to say that all the levels of capabilities would not be possible without the prior eWizard’s integration with Veeva Vault PromoMats. To streamline the process of digital content creation and management, we have done our best to automate the medical and legal regulatory approval and introduced a direct connector to Veeva Vault, which makes the overall publishing process as effortless as it can get. So, here’s a quick recap of our present integrated capabilities that each level of Certification provides us with:

I.   CLM bringing the force back into salesforce

Let’s start with the pharma marketing essentials: face-to-face meetings with physicians and eDetailing designed to support that matter. Veeva CLM is created for on-the-spot access and customization of eDetailing presentations according to physicians’ needs and further tracking of the engagement level resulting from those meetings. The outcome of CLM use by pharma reps is clear customer understanding and clear predictive value, which lays a healthy footing for driving multichannel strategy with the right content across the right channels.

So now, after CLM has become to a large extent a basis for a successful digital marketing strategy, the very fact of its implementation won’t come as a surprise to neither any pharma marketer, nor their HCP audience. Yet, there’s always room for improvement in every aspect of eDetailing lifecycle. For example: how much time, effort and budget does it take to switch static presentations to a HTML5 format? That’s where a breakthrough functionality lies – converting PDF, PowerPoint, InDesign files to CLM-ready format within eWizard platform.  Getting a completely editable CLM presentation with dynamic structure and navigation on pharma reps’ hands in a matter of minutes can bring the force back into the salesforce with no additional coding required.

ІІ.   A unified look and feel across email communication – no matter the occasion

If CLM and eDetailing are the destination point, then email is the ultimate lead-up to it. Veeva Approved Email is a prerequisite for compliance while guiding the dialogue towards, during and after the meetings. It allows pharma sales teams to share customized emails with their HCP audience while retaining absolute brand consistency. Any kind of HCP-related content, an invitation for a conference, webinar or a remote detailing will be directly tied to individual needs and interests. This simple mechanism will make sure your audience remembers who you are and you remember who they are following the KPI-tracked content preferences.

It’s possible to make those compliant emails in eWizard and even crank it up a notch  to create a template for an email, ready to use within a mailing campaign in Veeva Approved Email. A template combined filled up with modular content  blocks that you can move around it’s now easy to personalize the message while not messing with brand consistency.

III.   Reaching HCPs at their pace through the means of remote and self-detailing

Remote communication has proved to be a reliable channel of interaction between pharma and HCPs. By communicating at the time set by the physician on the subject customized to his/her needs, it’s no wonder that engagement levels rise up and the audience keeps coming back for more communication.

By using Veeva products, it is usually performed through the Engage Product Family, meaning that remote detailing session will be either guided by a pharma rep or explored independently. This means accessibility at any time and through any device and a potenital to engage hard-to-see physicians (or, frankly, considering their tight schedules – all physicians). This also means high standards and expectations set up for the explored eDetailing email reminders about the upcoming call, compatibility with any device, comfortable, engaging, glitch-free call flow and a chance to provide useful feedback. This all can be achieved through reliable eDetailing, consistent email invitations and actionable KPIs, all of which eWizard is equally certified to provide.

IV.    Get a strategic view with a custom-made Dashboard

Pharma industry is under pressure to deliver more individualized experiences, and at the ever-fast pace. This causes an acute need to streamline pharmas’ day-to-day operations with data: in all the ways the industry accumulates, presents, analyzes, and uses it for the benefit of its customers. Veeva CRM MyInsights fills that gap of by empowering teams’ decision-making processes with perceptible dashboards of data, accessible at the right place at the right time.

By using MyInsights analytics, you have the room for manoeuvre of using pre-built dashboards with the basic characteristics or crafting tailored dash​​​boards to correspond to your custom requirements. Whatever will be the choice, the dashboard will plug into the CRM universe of data that your customers have provided you with and enhance your decision-making process by creating a visually appealing representation of necessary indicators.

Ensuring best customer experience and presenting actionable digital content is the way to go. And we are pleased to help driving performance by leveraging content better and faster with Veeva CRM MyInsights.

This way eWizard is plugged into Veeva products without extra support required: CRM, Approved Email, CLM, CoBrowse. We are pleased to witness our mutual growth and made all steps needed towards closer cooperation and strengthening of our client-customer relationships. Drop us a line if you are interested in any of the Veeva-accompanied capabilities in eWizard mentioned above.