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Viseven is Veeva Technology Partner

Veeva Vault PromoMats

Why Veeva Vault is a single source of truth to customers

Veeva Vault PromoMats has proved to be a single repository bridging compliant content to life sciences and pharma enterprises for many years. It extends content reuse for medical, marketing or sales teams to emails, websites, mobile apps, face-to-face or remote communications between field forces and HCPs. This cloud-based solution is strongly committed to fulfill customers’ needs, attain high quality of product campaigns and drive innovation in content management workflow. All content can be thoroughly managed due to specific business goals and regulatory features of a certain area allowing stable alignment across global and local teams.

From now on, no need to choose from siloed environments – opt for a single hub for content reuse or pick up the one that is regulatory compliant – such a comprehensive solution brings together all global and regional affiliates, allowing content updates or distribution in a matter of clicks. All teams can be sure that materials are always up to date and contextually appropriate for a certain region; likewise, this approach significantly reduces the costs on content development, upholding a clear source of truth.

One content – multiple uses in various context

Viseven Group has been a dedicated Veeva partner for years, providing solid expertise in multichannel content creation to pharma and life sciences companies. Henceforth, we firmly stepped into the Veeva Technology Partner Community. As a top tier partner, we attained the highest level of integration with Veeva Suite products and services supported by technical guidance of Veeva data models, capabilities, product use cases, and configuration settings. Viseven Team is a trusted partner in all processes related to building, maintaining and enhancing Veeva integrated solution for your strategic multichannel growth.

Veeva Promomats: achievements are on the way

As a full-fledged Veeva Technology Partner, we have achieved certain key milestones throughout this long-lasting integration path. That means we can prove our Veeva multichannel solution experience and provide a full bunch of services related to content management and Veeva CRM settings. Being a certified Veeva CRM Administrator, our experts possess the necessary skills to cover all aspects of using Veeva CRM settings both internally and externally. In turn, this eliminates possible technical challenges that may occur while using system settings, or when something has to be changed or removed.  Within the Veeva functionality, we can – from Accounts Configuration to providing advanced trainings for pharma representatives.

A perfect enhancement for your Veeva ecosystem

Thanks to the full eWizard-Veeva integration, you can reuse any digital assets from Veeva Vault PromoMats. This is a single source of all approved commercial content – from Global Master Templates to presentations, PDFs, images, etc. Storing all your digital materials in one place is quite beneficial – anyone (be it a pharma brand manager, or a creative agency) can grab the necessary template (or other media) and proceed with either editing the ready-made presentation or create a new one from scratch, which based on approved content. Hence, by adding the unique features of eWizard platform, Veeva users become fully armed with advanced capabilities, such as localization, content editing, conversion, etc.

 Look at what you can get by using one cloud platform for pharma content management:

  • Streamlined content workflow from global to local affiliates;
  • Global Master Templates that are ready for localization and reuse;
  • Consistency and compliance with global branding and messaging;
  • Easy-to-find digital assets, thanks to advanced search filters, tags, and ratings;
  • Quick content preview with all interactivity included;
  • Reduced time on content production, as you may add any presentation to your gallery and edit it in a matter of minutes.

Content reusability is key

eWizard-Veeva integrated solution allows content creation probably in the most convenient way in terms of cost savings and getting desired outcomes. Using flexible modules is a key factor for pharma to attain content management efficiency. The modular approach allows pharma managers to repurpose/reuse existing pieces of content in different ways across multiple channels and reach the desired kind of data.

Take a glimpse at how our modular approach can help:

  • Reduce costs on content development and updates
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Seamless localization
  • Enter new markets faster by the ability to support more launches
  • Save editing time and approval process

In this way, for example, when your eDetailing is created in eWizard, you can easily open it in your Veeva Vault account and get all the needed info – from the initial sources, design materials to final PDFs or related media assets. Within the system, you can choose corresponding modules as well, then easily manage, update, synchronize them, or simply track the composition or design. Such an approach stands for automated content reuse aiming to avoid the time consuming manual tasks. It’s all about personalization and decoupling your content into the smallest pieces. You can identify key elements from the pre-designed concepts, and turn them into flexible, editable modules that will be updated automatically across all channels.

 Effortless localization

The same goes for localization. You can access eWizard directly from your Veeva Vault account and localize or adapt your eDetailers in eWizard effortlessly. All that is left to send your ready presentation for final approval in a few clicks. eWizard platform offers a couple of in-built localization features. You can choose either online localization through a convenient interface, or use a special translation mode in which you can share your presentation with the ability to preview the changes; as well as to export texts as Excel files and send them to external translators. The overall process becomes fast and easy!

 One-click approval

The approval process can take too much time and slow down the time to market. In terms of Veeva and eWizard integration, Viseven has introduced a direct connector to Veeva Vault that accelerates the MLR approval. No need for any manual operations to approve your content due to automating the content publishing process to Veeva Vault PromoMats or Veeva CRM. Besides, you won’t need a special administrator to run an approval procedure, as the required fields and settings are filled in automatically by eWizard.

What will you get in turn?

You can be sure that the presentations you receive are consistent with a global message, and at the same time adopted to your local brand strategy. Hence, such a powerful integrated solution ensures targeted message delivery across channels, as well as accelerated product launch on local markets.

There’s no limit to perfection in advancing the capabilities of eWizard platform in close collaboration with leading cloud-based software, which is Veeva Vault. You can dive deeper into the whole universe of eWizard platform capabilities by requesting a free demo, or subscribe to our newsletter and get all the freshest releases like this, concerning different sides of collaboration with Veeva universe, and the wide expertise we are offering

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