Junior Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Are HTML5 and CSS3 your element? Can you spot a bug from a mile away? Got experience working with Vue.js, Angular.js or React.js? Perhaps already prototyped, designed and tested a couple of apps of your own? We happen to be looking for someone just like you! Join our team as a Junior Front-End Developer!

Required skills and knowledge

  • Working experience preferred; 
  • HTML5 and CSS3 (fixed-width layout, adaptive and responsive layout, pixel perfect markup); 
  • Knowledge of JavaScript (ES201*); 
  • Experience with CSS3 Animations.

Comparative advantage

  • Experience with at least one MV* JavaScript frameworks/libraries (like Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js or other); 
  • Git knowledge;
  • Automation tools (Webpack, Gulp, Bower, etc);
  • Unit testing ;
  • Familiarity with pre-, postprocessing.

Job description

  • Writing and reviewing code, fixing bugs in existing projects; 
  • Planning and prototyping new applications; 
  • Designing the architecture of the components of applications; 
  • Deciding on the best technologies and languages for the project; 
  • Testing sites and applications in different browsers and environments; 
  • Testing new features thoroughly to ensure they perform the correct task in all cases. 

What we provide

We understand that our employees are essential to making our goals a reality, so we value and empower them to share their vision. And we reward this kind of passion with a highly competitive salary and exceptional benefits, such as:

  • Paid time off: 18 business days, sick leave days
  • Medical Insurance
  • English learning courses
  • Opportunities to participate in Professional forums and conferences
  • Partial lunch compensation from the company side
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